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Speechify: Cut your reading time

​[[{“value”:” Speechify is an AI-powered text-to-speech tool that can revolutionize the way you consume information. With over 250,000 5-star reviews, it is regarded as the #1 AI text to speech app in its category. This tool offers a wide range of features, including a Chrome extension, iOS app, Android app, Microsoft Edge add-on, text to speech web app, and Speechify AI Studio. The AI Voice Generator within Speechify allows you to create human-quality voice overs in real-time, narrating text, videos, explainers, or any content in any style. You can also utilize the AI Video Generator to create and edit videos with AI tools. Additionally, the AI Dubbing feature enables you to change your videos into different languages with matching voice intonation and speed. One of the key benefits of Speechify is that it allows you to listen to any text at any speed, with high-quality AI voices that can read up to 9x faster than the average reading speed. This can help you double your reading speed, focus, and comprehension. Moreover, Speechify enables seamless syncing of saved content across multiple devices, ensuring that you can listen to anything, anywhere, anytime. With premium text-to-speech voices that sound more fluid and human-like than other AI readers, Speechify offers a natural listening experience. You can even snap a picture of a page and have it read out loud to you using the app. Whether you’re a content creator, business manager, or individual looking to enhance your productivity, Speechify provides a versatile tool for converting text into AI voice on desktop or mobile devices. Overall, Speechify offers a comprehensive suite of features for text-to-speech conversion, voice overs, video creation, dubbing, and more. Its AI technology has advanced to produce natural-sounding voices and personalized experiences. If you are seeking a tool to improve reading speed, comprehension, and content creation efficiency, Speechify may be a suitable choice for your business needs. Speechify – Features Chrome extension for turning text into natural sounding AI voice in Google Chrome iOS app for listening to any text on iPhone, iPad, & Safari Android app for converting text to audio with highest quality AI voices Microsoft Edge Add-on for turning text into natural sounding voice in Microsoft Edge Text to Speech Web App for uploading any PDF or doc and start listening, connecting Google Drive or Dropbox AI Voice Generator for creating human-quality voice overs, AI voice cloning, AI dubbing, and AI video Ability to listen at any speed with high-quality AI voices that can read up to 9x faster than the average reading speed Instant syncing of content across devices for listening to anything, anywhere, anytime Speechify – Pricing Available upon request, free trial. Visit for more. Keep up to date with our stories on LinkedIn, Twitter , Facebook and Instagram. “}]] 

Free event unveils AI-powered safety tech

​[[{“value”:” Artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionising the way we work, thanks to its ability to perform a wide variety of tasks and process large quantities of data, fast.  According to Helene Seidel-Sterzik, CEO and co-owner of ecoPortal, AI is not only enhancing workplace efficiency – it could make workplaces safer and happier. “AI, put to good use, will foster a culture of continuous improvement in safety practices and employee wellbeing, supporting safer, healthier workplaces,” she says. ecoPortal is sponsoring the Knowledge Hub – a two-day education program that’s part of the Workplace Health & Safety Show (Sydney, 23-24 October 2024) and provides insights and practical knowledge to champion safety initiatives at workplaces. Led by industry experts, the program discussions relate to cutting-edge technology like AI, as well as worker wellbeing, injury prevention and safety performance evaluation.  From the use of AI-powered drones in construction sites to monitor and survey potentially dangerous building zones, to the implementation of wearables like watches that collect critical data and the use of data analytics software to predict risks, or language processing systems that can identify potential warning signs of mental health risks, AI-enabled solutions offer a host of benefits.  Enabling early detection and intervention AI-powered monitoring systems can contribute significantly to the early detection and prevention of workplace hazards by continuously and automatically analysing data to identify patterns and trends that may indicate potential risks. This may be an analysis of environmental conditions such as air quality or noise levels, employee movements or situations that may be unsafe.  “The ability to generate automated alerts and notifications when hazards are detected is essential for timely intervention. Integrating AI algorithms that can predict potential hazards based on historical data and contextual information can further enhance the system’s ability to prevent incidents before they occur,” says Helene.  While there are risks associated with these systems, including inbuilt biases and identification learning curves, these can be addressed through testing, the use of diverse data sets and reworking. “Best practice will generally also involve some form of human oversight,” adds Helene.  She points to the ecoPortal software platform, which features AI tech integrations that drive efficiencies in data capture and processing. A customer that uses CCTV in their cross dock to monitor their team’s safety can use an AI integration supported by ecoPortal to automatically monitor and detect “near-miss”-type events based on the proximity of people to danger, most notably with forklifts and trucks. “Captured incidents are then triaged by an administrator for health and safety compliance. With the click of a button, the administrator can create an ecoPortal report for incidents that cross the threshold, attaching key information. It can then be investigated and subject to corrective action and/or training as a result.” By using AI to monitor deviations from expected safety practices and then integrating those findings seamlessly and quickly, businesses can identify multiple previously unseen operational risks. They can then implement physical and behavioural controls to reduce those risks, as well as gather data to support the business case for improved controls at an operator level. Enhancing engagement with safety culture Aside from the ability to predict and prevent risks, AI technology also has the power to significantly enhance worker engagement with workplace safety culture by providing personalised, automatic safety recommendations and feedback. AI-driven safety apps, for example, can deliver tailored safety tips based on individual roles and work environments, encouraging employees to actively participate in safety initiatives. “In addition, AI can analyse employee feedback and sentiment to identify areas for improvement in safety practices and communication,” explains Helene. It’s also worth noting that AI-enabled tools give safety leaders more time to build relationships with their team and enhance engagement further.  Four key considerations for AI integration  Helene outlines the major considerations for companies considering the use of AI in their health and safety programs and strategies. These include: Consistently putting data privacy and security first, ensuring the sensitive information collected by AI systems stays safe within the boundaries of what it was collected for.  Ensuring that AI algorithms are transparent and accountable, with mechanisms in place to address biases or errors.  Providing adequate training to employees on how to interact with AI-powered tools and interpret their outputs accurately.  Regular evaluation and updating of AI systems—essential to maintain their effectiveness and adapt to changing workplace conditions. It’s clear that AI is here to stay, shaping workplace safety and wellbeing by enabling proactive risk management, faster incident response and more personalised support for employees. “AI-driven predictive analytics will identify emerging risks before they escalate, allowing companies to implement preventive measures effectively, while AI-powered virtual assistants and chatbots will provide immediate support for mental health issues and facilitate access to resources and interventions,” says Helene. Further unpacking the benefits of technology for safety ecoPortal will be among the more than 160 exhibiting brands at Workplace Health & Safety Show (taking place from 23 to 24 October 2024 at the Sydney Showground), showcasing a wide range of solutions that address the safety and wellbeing challenges facing businesses.  The exhibition complements the Workplace Health & Safety Show’s educational programme – an exciting lineup of 80 expert speakers providing practical and actionable insights across 50 sessions presented on three Summit stages. Registration for the Show is free, at When and where:  Wednesday 22 – Thursday 23 May 2024 Melbourne, Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre Wednesday 23 – Thursday 24 October 2024, The Dome, Sydney Showground, Olympic Park Website: Website: Keep up to date with our stories on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. “}]] 

Here are four ways trade SMEs can overcome the finance stress  

​[[{“value”:” Running your own small business means you get to call the shots, but let’s be real, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. One of the biggest headaches for small plumbing businesses is keeping the finances in check. You’re bustling as hard as you can on jobs, chasing clients, scheduling appointments, and returning calls. With all that chaos, it’s no wonder invoices slip through the cracks and go unpaid. Then, you’re left with a mess of overdue bills and a cash flow disaster.   Enough excuses. Get your act together and take control of your finances before they control you. Research shows that unpaid invoices can sink your business fast. If you have one payment default, you’ve got a 24 per cent chance of going under within a year. Two defaults? That risk jumps to 42 per cent. Three defaults, and you’re looking at a 62 per cent chance of insolvency.(1) Those unpaid invoices add up, and they add up fast. Dan Pollard, founder, Fergus, said, “This is what tradie business owners get wrong: they try to handle all the business admin themselves, even when they have no experience and sometimes no clue. Most plumbers spend four years doing an apprenticeship to master their trade. Running a business is a whole other trade on its own. And finance? It’s one of the trickiest parts to nail down. Get it right or watch your business struggle.” The good news is that there are ways plumbers can lower their financial stresses and keep a closer eye on unpaid invoices so that cash is where it should be: in the working capital. Here are four practical approaches to take within your business: 1. Trim the fat Want to get your costs under control? Start cutting out unnecessary expenses. Costs pile up fast, and if you’re not watching the books, you’ll spend more than you make. Check your weekly expenses religiously. Make it a habit to cut one cost completely every fortnight. Talk to your suppliers and haggle for better terms. Keep an eye on your service pricing—compare it to competitors and market rates to stay competitive without slashing your profits.   Dan Pollard said, “You’ll find way more unnecessary expenses in your business than you expect. Ignoring these money drains won’t grow your business, they will  just dial-up your financial stress.” 2. Get real about budgeting   Hate budgeting? Tough luck. If you don’t know your expenses, can’t tell if you’re overspending, how many jobs are lined up, or whether you have enough working capital to cover the month, you’re in for a world of hurt—fast. Budgeting means more than just tracking income and expenses. It’s about setting up a budget and forecasting future cash flow. This lets you spot financial bottlenecks and plan ahead. Monthly or quarterly financial reviews will help you tweak strategies and manage debts more efficiently.   3. Invest in tools that can do the work for you   Want to run a successful tradie business? You need the right tools—the digital kind. Smart job management software designed for tradies can transform your financial management and operational efficiency. These tools help you schedule jobs, dispatch technicians, track time, and manage inventory in real-time. Most importantly, to cut down on financial stress, this software integrates with accounting systems to streamline billing and invoicing, keeping your financial data accurate and up-to-date. 4. The secret sauce: right tools and admin together   Now that you have the right tools it’s time to get in the right people—admin staff. Using the software manages the paperwork and information efficiently, while admin staff ensure everything runs smoothly, bills get paid on time, invoices are sent and followed up, and the business keeps moving forward.   Dan Pollard said, “The real secret to my success? Combining the right tools with the right admin staff. Having smart job management software and skilled office personnel working together from day one was a game-changer. This combo allowed us to streamline operations, stay on top of invoicing, and keep the cash flowing. By investing in both technology and human resources, we created a balanced approach that supported sustainable growth and reduced financial stress.   “It’s time to get smart or get left behind. You don’t need to be an expert in everything to run a successful tradie business; you just need to use your brain. Know what needs to be done, but leave the ‘how’ to the experts. Use job management software to handle the numbers and get your finances right. With smart financial tools and solid business habits, you can build your business, worry less, and watch your cash grow. Quit trying to do it all yourself. Get smart, use the right tools, and let the experts handle the rest.” Keep up to date with our stories on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. “}]] 

Supporting employees with imposter syndrome

​[[{“value”:” “Am I good enough for this job? Do I have enough, or the right, qualifications and experience? Can my colleagues see that I don’t really know what I am doing?”  Feelings like these among employees are often symptoms of imposter syndrome, also known as imposter phenomenon or imposterism. Imposter syndrome is characterised by persistent feelings of self-doubt and continuous negative thinking around one’s own abilities. It can cause sufferers to fear being exposed as incompetent or a “fraud”, and to disregard any genuine success they have achieved.  Research from employment marketplace SEEK reveals that imposter syndrome is a very common experience, with half (50%) of Australian workers saying they have experienced imposter syndrome at work before1. Left unchecked, it can significantly impact worker well-being and productivity and can hold one back from achieving their full potential in their career. While this will have an undeniable impact on the individual worker, having one or more team members experiencing imposter syndrome can also have a negative effect on an entire team or organisation.  Organisations may notice a toll on employee engagement or morale, or increased absenteeism as workers grapple with their feelings of overwhelm. You may also find that your organisation’s productivity, creativity or innovation takes a hit, as people are not feeling confident to put forward ideas or have a go at tasks for fear of looking inadequate. Additionally, an organisation may face structural challenges that hinders their ability to excel, with team members being reluctant to take on greater responsibilities.  While it is certainly to the benefit of the individual worker, and their personal and professional development, to get on top of feelings of imposter syndrome, it can also be key to unlocking the full potential of an organisation. Providing an environment where all team members feel supported and encouraged to step out of their comfort zone can create a space where people and the organisation can strive for greatness. Those in management positions play a crucial role in fostering this environment, and there are some simple steps that can be easily integrated into your day-to-day management style.  So, who is at risk of experiencing imposter syndrome?  There is no hard and fast rule around who is more likely to experience imposter syndrome at work. As you may expect, younger workers, newcomers and those with less experience are particularly vulnerable to imposter syndrome. However, you might be surprised to learn that imposter syndrome can become more pronounced in the later stages of one’s career. SEEK research shares that nearly three quarters (72%) of those who have experienced imposter syndrome before said it has increased throughout the course of their career. There are a few possible explanations for this — perhaps it’s because these workers feel more ‘visible’ as they are assigned more seniority and responsibility, or they may feel like they don’t ‘deserve’ a more senior position or higher salary.  People that are underrepresented in their workplace can also experience imposter syndrome, such as  1Independent research conducted by Nature on behalf of SEEK. Interviewing 4,000 Australians annually a younger person in an older work cohort (and vice versa), or a female in a male-dominated environment. Likewise, individuals who have been out of the workforce on a career break caring for family, or on extended leave, are also more prone to imposter feelings  What are some of the common triggers of imposter syndrome and the telltale signs to look out for? Imposter syndrome can occur for various reasons, however, self-doubt, low self-esteem and the pursuit of perfectionism can often be some of the main triggers. It can also occur when someone perceives their success as a result of chance or good luck, and not hard work.  Some signs that indicate an employee could be suffering from imposter syndrome include: ● Isolation  ● Negative self-talk or self-sabotage  ● Lower coping mechanisms, such as displaying signs of anxiety and stress  ● Underperformance and avoidant behaviours  ● Lack of progress with achieving certain career milestones or things like negotiating a better salary  ● Reluctance to volunteer for additional projects, promotions or other work outside their mainstream role  How can you best support your employees experiencing imposter syndrome?  As a leader, it’s important to be able to recognise the tell-tale signs of imposter syndrome and effectively address it before it worsens. Supporting all employees who may be suffering from imposter syndrome is crucial for mitigating burnout, boosting engagement and productivity and maximising team potential.  Here are several ways managers can support their workers and help boost their confidence:  Assess the workplace  Workplace environments can exacerbate imposter syndrome, particularly those that encourage competitiveness, biases or close-mindedness. Therefore, managers should take a step back and evaluate the environment their employees are working in. Is the workplace fair, safe and equitable? Is there any bullying or toxic behaviour? Do people feel marginalised? Are employees under excessive stress due to unmanageable workloads? Once you’re aware of any problems potentially impacting your employees’ confidence levels, you can implement the right solutions to make the workplace more supportive.  Set realistic expectations  Ensure that job expectations and goals are clearly defined and attainable. Ambiguity in roles or unrealistic expectations can exacerbate feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt. By setting achievable goals, employees can build confidence and feel more secure in their abilities.  Encourage open and honest communication  Create a culture where employees feel safe discussing their feelings and concerns. This involves encouraging open dialogue during one-on-one meetings or team discussions, actively listening to your employee’s experiences without judgement and validating any feelings of insecurity. Being open about how common imposter syndrome is in group settings can also be really helpful. Normalising the condition and sharing thoughts and experiences helps people better understand their feelings and realise that they’re not alone. Challenge their negative perceptions  If you sense one of your employees has imposter syndrome, challenge these feelings of self-doubt with facts and evidence. Remind them why they are good at their job, and that failures and mistakes are normal.  Celebrate the

Is your business ready for immigration cuts? Here’s how to prepare

​[[{“value”:” The Australian immigration system has recently been disrupted by numerous reforms imposed by the Albanese Government.  Some of these reforms are beneficial to small businesses, however, others are likely to have detrimental effects on small businesses’ workforce, which the government is failing to consider.  The key changes that will have an impact are the reduction of international students and enforcement to prevent ‘visa-hopping’. With 63% of international students and 67% of other temporary visa holders (outside of Skilled, New Zealand citizens and Working Holiday Makers) being employed, the workforce will take a hit from these changes. Figures from ABS also found that one-third of all businesses are already unable to find adequate staff, proving how damaging it would be to lose such a large portion of the workforce due to these restrictions and cuts.  However, there are several ways small business owners can prepare for these changes before these effects start to hit their business and operations. How can small businesses prepare? Improve staff compensation & benefits – Business owners should consider improving staff compensation and benefits to help attract and retain staff in the long term. Implementing measures such as an enhanced benefits package, flexible working arrangements, training opportunities, increased pay and maintaining a positive workplace culture are all things that staff value. Therefore, by improving staff benefits, small businesses are more likely to retain staff and attract more potential employees.  Automate processes – Small businesses could try to automate processes to cut down on the staff needed. For example, cafes and restaurants may consider introducing QR codes to each table to reduce the need for wait staff and ease the ordering process for the business. Another example might be hostels, small hotels and motels may want to adopt an online check in system that allows guests to check in and receive their key code online. Consider partnerships – Automating processes may not be an option for some small businesses. If this is the case, small businesses may want to contemplate partnering with other local businesses to share the workload. This may also spark interest from new customers. For example, a local bakery could look to sell their products through a local cafe rather than having their own store, which would also allow the cafe to outsource the production of baked goods. Speak to your local MP – Getting vocal about these changes and speaking directly to local MPs about the potential effects of these changes on small businesses and the workforce allows businesses to be involved in this conversation before the immigration cuts start taking effect. Lobbying for support policies and engaging in public dialogue also allows businesses to have their say in attempting to influence the outcome of these immigration cuts and ways to reduce the negative impacts on business staffing.  Consider a range of staffing options – Businesses may also need to review how roles can be filled with local staff rather than international staff. Our research found that despite the cost of living, more people are choosing to work part-time. With this in mind, businesses should consider advertising two part-time positions to cover a full-time position. During busy periods, such as school holidays or weekends, businesses could also consider hiring school aged staff, who would be most available during these times and cost less to employ.  While visa changes could have a detrimental effect on small businesses, appropriate planning can help businesses to reduce the severity of the effects. By following the strategies suggested above,small businesses will be in a good position to survive and…even thrive! Keep up to date with our stories on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. “}]] 

TVScientific: TV advertising that performs

​[[{“value”:” Discover more Ai business tools: Best AI Tools for Marketing and Sales Best Ai Tools for HR and Recruiting Best Ai Tools for Finance and Accounting Best Ai Tools for Productivity and Collaboration Best Ai Customer Service and Support Tools Best Ai Data Analytics and Business Intelligence Tools Best AI Tools for IT Management and Security TVScientific is a cutting-edge business tool that specializes in TV advertising, offering precise targeting, premium inventory, and total control over your campaigns. Whether you are a large consumer brand or a small business, TVScientific can help you effectively reach your target audience at the right time with precision. By utilizing thousands of unique behavioral targeting segments, you can ensure that you reach your ideal customers on demand. One of the key features of TVScientific is its full transparency and control over campaigns and budget. This tool empowers you to confidently run campaigns the way you want, making informed decisions and understanding your costs without worrying about hidden fees or required display ads. Additionally, TVScientific provides a comprehensive dashboard that allows you to measure campaign performance and attribution with clarity, enabling you to track lift across your media mix, make real-time optimizations, and understand the impact of your campaigns on performance metrics that truly matter. Furthermore, TVScientific is designed for scalability, allowing you to spend your advertising dollars more effectively, optimize in real time, and capitalize on new opportunities quickly. With a focus on business outcomes rather than impressions, this tool helps you generate lift across your media mix and make real-time optimizations faster than ever before. Plus, with a strong emphasis on brand safety, TVScientific ensures that the inventory you can access aligns with the values of your brand. Overall, TVScientific is a powerful platform that can help boost your advertising efforts and drive return on ad spend (ROAS) through Connected TV (CTV) advertising. With its comprehensive targeting, creative capabilities, measurement and attribution tools, and industry-specific solutions for retail, mobile games, fintech, insurance, and travel and hospitality, TVScientific is worth considering for businesses looking to enhance their TV advertising strategies. TVScientific – Features Precise targeting of customers Launch campaigns in minutes Achieve sales goals Full transparency and control for campaigns and budget Measure campaign performance and attribution with clarity Scalability to spend ad dollars more effectively Ensure brand safety aligned with brand values TVScientific – Pricing Available upon request, free demo. Visit for more. Keep up to date with our stories on LinkedIn, Twitter , Facebook and Instagram. “}]] 

OxygenBuilder: Build incredible websites with ease

​[[{“value”:” Discover more Ai business tools: Best AI Tools for Marketing and Sales Best Ai Tools for HR and Recruiting Best Ai Tools for Finance and Accounting Best Ai Tools for Productivity and Collaboration Best Ai Customer Service and Support Tools Best Ai Data Analytics and Business Intelligence Tools Best AI Tools for IT Management and Security OxygenBuilder is a powerful tool that offers a complete site building solution for business managers looking to create visually stunning and high-performing websites. The tool allows for drag and drop editing, making it easy to customize and rearrange elements on the website. OxygenBuilder also provides advanced functionality such as dynamic data with repeaters and loops and flexible builder elements. One standout feature of OxygenBuilder is its header builder, which allows users to create custom headers visually, including sticky and overlay headers. Additionally, the tool offers global colors, making it simple to edit colors in one place and see changes reflected throughout the site. For business managers concerned about performance and SEO, OxygenBuilder ensures lightning-fast load times and provides visual control for every part of a WooCommerce store. With a lifetime support and updates package, users can rest assured that their investment will continue to pay off in the long term. Overall, OxygenBuilder caters to developers, designers, and agencies alike, offering a seamless website building experience with clean, lean code and a savvy user community. Whether you are looking to revamp your existing website or create a new one from scratch, OxygenBuilder provides the tools you need to bring your vision to life with minimum difficulty. OxygenBuilder – Features Drag & Drop Editing WooCommerce Integration Header Builder Global Colors for consistent design Developer Friendly (HTML, PHP, CSS, JS) Advanced Functionality (repeaters, loops) Lifetime Support & Updates Simplified Client UI OxygenBuilder – Pricing OxygenBuilder offers three pricing plans: Basic for $129, WooCo for $149, and Ultimate for $179. All plans include lifetime updates, support, and unlimited installations, with features like WooCommerce integration, Gutenberg block builder, and simplified client UI. Visit for more. Keep up to date with our stories on LinkedIn, Twitter , Facebook and Instagram. “}]] 

DiffShop: E-commerce store & social media ads all-in-one

​[[{“value”:” Discover more Ai business tools: Best AI Tools for Marketing and Sales Best Ai Tools for HR and Recruiting Best Ai Tools for Finance and Accounting Best Ai Tools for Productivity and Collaboration Best Ai Customer Service and Support Tools Best Ai Data Analytics and Business Intelligence Tools Best AI Tools for IT Management and Security DiffShop is a comprehensive business tool that offers an all-in-one research solution for e-commerce stores and social media advertising. The platform covers a wide range of platforms, including Shopify, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Temu, and Shein, with more to come. Some of the key features of DiffShop include competitor analysis, product research, keyword tools, ad spy, e-commerce data, store contact information, and SEO and listing optimization. The tool provides live monitoring of millions of e-commerce stores and products, allowing users to track traffic, keywords, backlinks, bestselling products, and more. For Shopify users, DiffShop offers a Shopify inspector for competitor analysis, sales tracking, product research, and dropship product finding. The tool also provides data on historical units sold, revenue, ratings, launch dates, and trending products across various platforms. In terms of advertising, DiffShop offers a Facebook Ad, Instagram Ad, and TikTok Ad spy tool to monitor engagement metrics, ad costs, landing pages, and more. The platform also includes a keyword research tool for monitoring search volume, CPC, organic and paid competitors, and traffic performance. Overall, DiffShop aims to help business managers stay ahead of the competition and track the latest trends in e-commerce and social media advertising. The platform is trusted by top-tier companies and offers a comprehensive solution for dropshippers, Amazon sellers, DTC brands, and TikTok advertisers. Whether you are looking to monitor best sellers, trending products, niche markets, or advertising strategies, DiffShop provides a valuable tool to gain insights into your competitors and optimize your business strategies. DiffShop – Features E-Commerce store & Social Media Ads Research Tool Competitor Analysis and Product Research Shopify Inspector for Sales Data and Product Research Dropship Product Finder for Monitoring Products from Various Platforms SEO and Listing Optimization with Keyword Research Facebook Ad, Instagram Ad, and TikTok Ad Spy Tool Spy on Your Competition with Insights on E-commerce Products and Ads Trusted by Top-tier Companies and DTC Brands DiffShop – Pricing DiffShop offers three main pricing plans: 1. Personal Plan: $49 per month or $588 per year with 30% off. 2. Group Plan: $29 per month or $1392 per year with 50% off. 3. Enterprise Plan: $25 per month or $2100 per year with 60% off. Additionally, there is a Customized plan available for unlimited searches and more seed accounts. Visit for more. Keep up to date with our stories on LinkedIn, Twitter , Facebook and Instagram. “}]] 

FolkApp: Simple CRM for real relationships

​[[{“value”:” Discover more Ai business tools: Best AI Tools for Marketing and Sales Best Ai Tools for HR and Recruiting Best Ai Tools for Finance and Accounting Best Ai Tools for Productivity and Collaboration Best Ai Customer Service and Support Tools Best Ai Data Analytics and Business Intelligence Tools Best AI Tools for IT Management and Security FolkApp is a CRM tool trusted by over 2000 award-winning agencies and firms, with a high rating across platforms like Product Hunt, Chrome Store, and G2 Review. This all-in-one CRM solution offers a variety of features to streamline sales processes and enhance relationship building. With a Chrome extension, users can prospect faster and manage their pipeline efficiently by tracking deals and utilizing 1-click enrichment to find emails. One of the key features of FolkApp is its integrations with over 6000 tools, allowing for seamless autosync and scaling of outreach efforts. The tool also provides customizable pipeline views, workspace templates for quick setup, and centralized contacts and tools. By connecting the CRM to the web through the folkx extension, users can engage in social media prospecting and sync their email and calendar for better organization. FolkApp enables users to send perfectly-timed and personalized outreach messages through messaging and sequences, with AI-generated variables and conversation templates. Additionally, the tool offers actionable insights for team collaboration, message analytics, and sales analytics. Users can sell as a team with shared groups, history of interactions, notes, and taggable reminders. With a focus on founder-led sales, partnerships, and agencies, FolkApp aims to simplify the sales process and help businesses build and maintain client relationships. Users can import leads from LinkedIn and their mailbox, find lead information, send emails that get replies, track their sales pipeline, and centralize client discussions all in one place. Overall, FolkApp is a comprehensive CRM solution designed to streamline sales processes, personalized outreach, and team collaboration. Its user-friendly interface, extensive integrations, and customizable features make it a suitable tool for businesses looking to improve their sales strategies and client relationships. FolkApp – Features Build real relationships to close winning deals Simple and easy to use CRM without overcomplicating things Prospect faster with Chrome extension Customize pipeline views Centralize all client discussions Send perfectly-timed and personalized outreach emails Actionable insights for team collaboration Import leads from LinkedIn and mailbox for easy management FolkApp – Pricing Standard at $20/member/month, Premium at $40/member/month, and Custom plans starting from $60/member/month. Visit for more. Keep up to date with our stories on LinkedIn, Twitter , Facebook and Instagram. “}]] 

Mailchimp boosts Aussie marketing with SMS & deeper Canva integration

​[[{“value”:” Australian businesses can now reach customers directly on their phones with the launch of Mailchimp’s SMS marketing solution. This integration promises to boost ROI and strengthen customer loyalty through synchronized email and SMS campaigns. “Australian businesses are constantly looking for new ways to gain a competitive edge and build stronger relationships with customers and prospects,” said Anthony Capano, Regional Director for ANZ at Intuit Mailchimp. “The integration of email and SMS into one platform equips our Australian customers with a more complete view of their audiences during a time when customer loyalty is at a premium. Meanwhile, our expanded partnership with Canva will simplify the way Mailchimp users approach their design workflow, ensuring consistent branding across all channels.” Mailchimp SMS Mailchimp’s SMS marketing solution brings together email and SMS channels on a single platform, providing Australian marketers with an invaluable 360-degree view of customer engagement. By integrating email and SMS channels into a single platform, marketers can better coordinate high-converting subscriber campaigns, while keeping track of their ROI from a centralised dashboard.  By merging separate data sources into comprehensive customer profiles, Mailchimp SMS takes channel consolidation to a new level, powering automated cross-channel nurture pathways and redefining the audience connection matrix. Bringing SMS to Australian Mailchimp customers facilitates streamlined analytics, enhances loyalty, and bolsters ROI through synchronised campaigns.  Mailchimp’s U.S. SMS customers have seen up to 16x ROI in the first 3 months after launching their first SMS campaign*. The rollout of SMS marketing in Australia paves the way for local businesses to drive forward with robust omnichannel marketing strategies that perform.  Expanded Canva Integration Building upon its partnership with Canva, Mailchimp’s new integration functionality will soon enable users to automatically synchronise image folders and files with the platform – eliminating the need for manual updates and providing a more efficient workflow across all channels.  When working on email campaigns in Mailchimp, users will have shortcuts and actions to “Edit with Canva” embedded in Mailchimp’s email builder, which takes them to Canva. After editing, users can access the updates made to the image in Mailchimp’s context, simplifying the editing workflow, allowing for seamless integration and collaboration. “We’re excited to expand our global partnership with Australia’s own Canva, and make it easier for our users to launch beautiful and effective email marketing campaigns,” said Ken Chestnut, Global Head of Ecosystem at Mailchimp. “Marketers and business leaders here in Australia have so much on their plates right now. Our refreshed Canva integration makes it easier for companies to leverage best in class design tools to delight and engage their customers.” “We’re incredibly excited that Mailchimp is deepening its integration with Canva, underscoring our shared focus on providing intuitive and powerful tools for marketers. With access to a more seamless design workflow, users can create engaging emails to help businesses achieve their goals with ease and creativity,” said Anwar Haneef, Head of Ecosystem at Canva.  These latest innovations follow the June preview of Mailchimp’s upcoming  revenue intelligence technology, a system of always-on predictive and generative artificial intelligence models designed to proactively give marketers opportunities to win more revenue. Together with the recent appointment of Anthony Capano as the Regional Director for ANZ at Intuit Mailchimp, Mailchimp is building upon its momentum in Australia and New Zealand as it further commits to supporting marketers with innovative, AI-driven technologies and providing tools that drive revenue growth businesses across ANZ. Keep up to date with our stories on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. “}]]