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Whether you’re new to business or you’ve been in business a while, Small Business Connect is here to bring together and support all small businesses, from start-ups to established businesses.

By using our social platform members can use our site socially or you can use it to build and develop your business using our SBC business gym.

Our role is to bring small businesses together and provide you with opportunities which can assist your business, together with our dedicated online support team, business coaches, mentors and members of our community our aim is to do what we can to minimise the number of small businesses which fail.

' Doing What We Can To The Number Of Small Businesses That Fail'

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Use our social platform to build strong relationships both socially and professionally.


Small Business Connect is an initiative exclusively for small business owners and their teams.

SBC Business Gym

We don't build muscles we build businesses. Join our weekly business development sessions and stay in the loop with business news.

Our online support team

Do you need support? Our online support team are dedicated to support our members and their team.


Our business social membership allows you to enjoy our site and be part of a business community with other like minded people. We charge a small yearly token which prevents spam and unethical business people targeting members of our community.

  • Post business/social blogs to the community
  • Use our forums
  • Promote your business within our professional business directory
  • Become a vendor and sell your products and services to other members directly from our Marketplace
  • Create your own social and business groups and allow others to join
  • Post a job listing
  • Build your network
  • Ask for help from our online support team
  • Join our tipping comp and much much more.

Whether you're new to business or an established business,


We all know how important it is to our health to make exercise a priority, to eat right and do all the right things to be the best version of us as we can. SBC Business Gym is the same but for your business. This upgrade to our business social will provide you with a number of weekly live online group sessions. These sessions will be hosted by our team, industry professionals and our members who wish to take a class to promote their business.

  • Weekly Goal Setting
  • Group Business Training & Mentoring (Business owners)
  • Team Talk (Employees Only)
  • Staff Training & Mentoring
  • Virtual Networking
  • Sales Training
  • Our Interactive Podcasts
  • More live sessions added regularly.


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Everything We do is dedicated to doing what we can to support Small Business Owners. 95% of small businesses fail here in Australia and we want to minimise this. Lets join together and support each other. You stay up to date with news and other important information and our upcoming schedule.

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