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Can AI be human? This AI business answers with a resounding yes


Australian and European-based artificial intelligence business, UNITH is introducing its innovative business solutions to Australia.

This means that local businesses and customers can now enjoy enhanced personalisation and meaningful conversations for better interactions, improved data management, and seamless customer journeys across various industries, thanks to UNITH’s Digital Humans.

At the forefront of a revolutionary movement, the launch of Digital Humans comes at an opportune  moment in the market, aligning with the growing trend of businesses transitioning towards  digitisation. The Generative-AI market is poised to reach a staggering AU$2 trillion by 2032. As an  ASX listed company, UNITH is excited to bring on more investors in the Australian market given its  plans for ongoing expansion and the projected growth of the industry. 

The benefits of incorporating UNITH Digital Humans into a business are many. These include customization for a personal touch, scalability with low bandwidth requirements, multilingual capabilities (speaking over 60 languages), compatibility with both mobile and desktop platforms, and the ability to gather honest feedback from end-users. The era of relying on traditional digital forms that often fall short of maximizing their potential is fading away, and UNITH is stepping in to usher in a new era of enhanced digital engagement.

Dynamic Business spoke with Idan Schmorak, CEO of UNITH, who believes that the solution can help SMEs increase their reach, efficiency, and profitability—all without losing the human touch.

“Unlike traditional AI interfaces, digital humans offer a more personalised and engaging experience. This means we can expect a future where AI interactions feel more natural and less mechanical. Whether it’s customer service, healthcare, education, or entertainment, digital humans will enable more empathetic and nuanced interactions,” Idan told Dynamic Business.

“They could potentially become companions or assistants in households, making technology more accessible and less intimidating for all age groups. We enable them to generate digital colleagues that can communicate with their clients, co-workers and anyone – without losing the human touch.

“They just upload a document with the knowledge they want their digital colleagues to have, choose the face and voice (they could decide on personality traits) and they get a Digital Human in seconds. SME’s could increase their reach, efficiency and profitability, all without losing the human touch.”

“The tool is designed for easy creation and integration, requiring minimal technical skills. Small businesses can quickly set up and deploy digital humans on their websites. The platform is scalable, accommodating the growing needs of a small business without requiring a proportionate increase in investment or resources. UNITH’s solution is cost-effective, providing advanced technology at a price accessible for small businesses.”

UNITH vs traditional tools

“In the face of employee shortages and a competitive labour market, UNITH’s Digital Humans can fill essential roles in customer service, reducing the strain on existing staff. They can communicate in various languages, addressing the language barrier issue in diverse markets, crucial for SMEs looking to expand their reach. Digital Humans maintain a consistent level of knowledge and training, ensuring uniform quality in customer interactions.

“For SMEs with limited budgets and manpower, Digital Humans offer a cost-effective solution to manage customer interactions and support. Digital Humans can assist in the onboarding of new clients or employees, providing consistent information and guidance, which is often a resource-intensive process for small businesses. Digital humans help in managing customer care and engagement efficiently, which can be challenging for SMEs due to limited staff or expertise in customer relations. UNITH’s Digital Humans aids SMEs in adapting to the digital transformation, an essential step for businesses to remain competitive in the modern market.”

UNITH is an Artificial Intelligence company leveraging its AI platform for applications in Conversational Commerce. UNITH’s Digital Humans use machine learning to create high-value conversations that problem solve and capture user insights.

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