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Unboxable: Simplify your hiring process, find the right talent faster


Unboxable is a business tool that offers a Predictive Hiring AI solution to help companies streamline their recruiting process. With the aim of reversing the traditional hiring funnel, Unboxable enables employers to uncover hidden talent efficiently and at breakneck speed.

The tool addresses the common problem of employers hiring the wrong person, with research indicating that 90% of employers admit to this mistake. Unboxable attributes this to the traditional approach of seeking only the top 15% of the talent pool who appear to meet all the requirements at first glance. However, Unboxable believes that the remaining 85% of candidates are still relevant and, in fact, extraordinary—they just need to be unboxed.

Unboxable’s Predictive Hiring AI replaces guesswork with a 93% hiring accuracy rate. By analyzing data and leveraging artificial intelligence, it helps companies discover which candidates will thrive in their specific company culture. This not only saves time and resources but also ensures that the hiring process is based on objective data rather than subjective impressions.

One of the key advantages of Unboxable is its ability to cut the time to hire by half. Instead of waiting the typical 42 days it takes to reach the end of the hiring funnel, Unboxable provides companies with real-time access to the highest quality candidates. This empowers employers to make faster hiring decisions without compromising on the quality of the talent they bring onboard.

Unboxable’s deep reports provide a unique perspective on candidates, enabling employers to see talent like never before. These reports forecast how candidates’ skills and work style will unfold in the specific context of the company, almost as if the candidates have already been hired. This helps employers make smarter hiring decisions based on data and insights, rather than relying solely on interviews and resumes.

By decoding a candidate’s black box, Unboxable provides employers with access to all the personalized predictors and guides necessary to make successful hiring decisions. This ensures that employers finally see the talent they may have been missing out on with traditional recruiting methods.

Unboxable – Features

Predictive Hiring AI: Replace weeks of recruiting work with Unboxable’s AI to predict the right candidate for your company.
Reverse your hiring funnel in 7 minutes: Speed up the hiring process by quickly identifying the top candidates.
93% hiring accuracy: Replace guesswork with data-driven decisions to hire candidates that will thrive in your company.
Cut time to hire by half: Find the highest quality candidates at moment zero, reducing the time it takes to reach the end of the hiring funnel.
Deep reports on candidates: Get insights into how candidates’ skills and work style will unfold in your specific context, as if you’ve already hired them.

Unboxable – Pricing

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