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A joint effort for gender equity


As we embrace ‘Inspire Inclusion’, this year’s International Women’s Day theme, I find myself reflecting on my own career journey that has led me to my current position, becoming one of the youngest female directors at amaysim.

My story isn’t just about climbing the corporate ladder; it’s deeply intertwined with my cultural heritage, a key factor in shaping the person I am today and something I carry with pride, as well as the collective spirit of women and often men supporting women, particularly as we work together to dismantle long-standing obstacles like the gender pay disparity.

The recent release of the latest Gender Pay Gap figures by the Workplace Gender Equality Agency serves as a reality check, reminding us that despite progress, we’re still grappling with deep-seated workplace biases. These aren’t always the kind of biases you can easily point out; they’re more like shadows in the background, influencing perceptions and the societal roles attributed to women. Often funnelled into caregiver roles like nurses or teachers, women find their invaluable contributions systematically undervalued. These societal expectations, coupled with women’s natural need for flexibility can at times act as a barrier for them rising to corporate leadership positions—a cycle that we must actively challenge and change as a society.

This is disheartening to see, especially when studies like one from the Harvard Business Review show us that women often outshine men in critical leadership skills. We’re talking about areas like problem-solving, communication, and innovation, where women lead in 17 out of the top 19 skills identified. Yet, often this excellence is hidden by the societal roles women tend to hold, especially as primary caregivers, meaning they aren’t always afforded the opportunities to fully realise and step into their leadership potentials.

In navigating my own path to leadership, I’ve had to overcome many challenges, both cultural and gender based. It was the support and wisdom from mentors, both women and men, that have helped guide me along the way. It’s these relationships that have instilled in me a profound belief in the transformative power of mentorship, which I believe is about cultivating a culture where we not only guide other women and their allies as they forge their own futures but also empower women to believe in their capabilities while encouraging men, especially those in senior leadership positions to recognise the invaluable contributions women make in the workplace.

Closing the gender pay gap and overcoming workplace biases isn’t something women should have to tackle on their own. In my own journey, I’ve been incredibly fortunate to have male mentors, bosses and peers who have supported me and pushed me in my journey to unlock my full potential. While it’s crucial for women to support and mentor each other, we must also recognise and encourage the men who stand with us in the push for progress.

Real, lasting change—the kind that makes the workplace better for everyone—happens when leaders, both women and men, come together. It’s when men recognise the benefit of having women in the workplace and work with women to create a work culture that allows women to step into leadership roles without having to compromise on other areas of their home and personal lives.

This International Women’s Day, I’m calling on all men, women, and allies, especially those of us in leadership roles, to step up as mentors and advocates. We have the collective strength to bridge the pay gap and create a world where everyone’s contributions are valued, and diverse leadership is recognised and celebrated. Let’s unite to make our workplaces where more women can thrive without making significant sacrifices.

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