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A look at the top U.S. grants for small businesses in 2024

Starting a new small business or expanding an existing one can be challenging when it comes to securing the necessary funds. Whether you’re in search of a loan or a grant, CO— is here to provide assistance.

Small businesses play a crucial role—they bring fresh ideas, contribute to a robust economy, and generate employment opportunities. Recognizing their importance, various programs and initiatives exist to support their growth. These initiatives offer diverse forms of assistance, including financial support, expert advice, and guidance for global expansion. The objective is to empower small businesses with the resources they need to succeed in all aspects of their operations.

In this guide, we present a curated selection of grants for small businesses in the United States. These grants serve as invaluable tools, offering financial support, guidance, and pathways for businesses to grow and strengthen.

Skip $10k 2024 Kickoff Grant 

Skip, the small business aggregator, is starting off the year 2024 by offering a $10,000 grant, available to all small business owners and entrepreneurs based in the United States. This grant is in line with Skip’s mission to eliminate obstacles to funding and foster innovation. Applications for the 2024 Kickoff Grant are currently being accepted, and the deadline is January 31, 2024.

The Skip $10k 2024 Kickoff Grant welcomes entrepreneurs and small business owners from all stages and sizes across the United States. This initiative mirrors Skip’s commitment to dismantling barriers that hinder access to funding, ensuring that promising ideas and hard work have the opportunity to thrive.

Apply here

FedEx Small Business Grant

The FedEx Small Business Grants Program, formerly known as the FedEx Small Business Grant Contest, initiated in 2012, aims to acknowledge and support small businesses in the United States by providing grants and prizes. The 2024 program will commence accepting applications on March 1, 2024, at 12 pm ET (Noon), with the submission deadline set at 12 pm ET (Noon) on April 1, 2024. The announcement of grant recipients is scheduled for May 16, 2024.

In its 12th annual Small Business Grant Contest, FedEx is prepared to award over $330,000 in grants and services to 10 U.S.-based small businesses. The contest will open for entries soon, and interested parties can subscribe to email notifications for grant submission details as they become available. The 10 grand prize winners will be unveiled in May, with specific dates yet to be announced. Each grand prize winner will be granted $30,000, accompanied by various benefits such as mentoring sessions, consultation services, and more.

Apply here

Small Business Innovation Research Program

The Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) programs are fiercely competitive initiatives designed to encourage domestic small businesses to engage in Federal Research and Development (R&D) projects with potential commercial applications.

SBIR provides grants to small businesses, allowing them to actively participate in federal research and development endeavours with the goal of eventual commercialization.

This awards-based program, marked by intense competition, supports businesses in achieving scientific excellence and fostering technological innovation. To be eligible for SBIR grants, a company must operate on a for-profit basis and meet other specified requirements.

Apply here

500 Global Flagship Accelerator Program

Startups and small businesses in search of funding have the opportunity to apply for the 500 Global Flagship Accelerator program on a rolling, year-round basis. Established in 2010, this program provides businesses with a four-month accelerator experience situated in San Francisco, coupled with a substantial $150,000 investment. For detailed information on the application process and eligibility criteria, interested parties can refer to the company’s website with link below.

Apply here

Awesome Foundation Grants

Every month, the Awesome Foundation presents grants of $1,000 to individuals and groups seeking funding for diverse projects. Comprising 84 independently-operated chapters, the Awesome Foundation relies on its members to contribute to a micro-funding pool dedicated to supporting grant projects. While the funding scope extends beyond businesses, startups, and small businesses have been notable recipients of these monthly grants. The application process operates on a rolling basis, allowing interested parties to submit their proposals at any time.

Apply here

State Small Business Credit Initiative

The American Rescue Plan Act has reauthorized and expanded the State Small Business Credit Initiative (SSBCI), allocating $10 billion to bolster small businesses and enable them to secure the necessary capital for investment in job-creating ventures as the nation recovers from the pandemic. Within this initiative, the State Small Business Credit Initiative Investing in America Small Business Opportunity Program (SBOP) has been established as a $75 million competitive grant initiative. The SBOP aims to offer technical assistance, including legal services and financial management guidance, to very small and underserved businesses. Currently, applications are being accepted with an undetermined deadline, and there is a maximum limit of $10 million per applicant.

Apply here

Women-Owned Small Business Contracting Program

The federal government is committed to allocating a minimum of 5% of federal contracting dollars to women-owned small businesses each year. Facilitated by the Small Business Administration (SBA), the Office of Women’s Business Ownership administers a program that supports women entrepreneurs. This initiative provides essential resources such as business training, counseling, access to federal contracts, and assistance in securing credit and capital. The overarching objective is to ensure equal opportunities for all women in business, fostering an environment where they can thrive and contribute to the economy.

Apply here

Small Business Administration State Trade Expansion Program

This program, designed to aid small businesses looking to expand into international markets, channels federal funds through state entities. Small businesses meeting the criteria established by each state can leverage financial assistance for various purposes. This includes participating in foreign trade missions and shows, gaining entry to foreign markets, developing websites, and designing international marketing products or campaigns. The initiative aims to empower small businesses to navigate and succeed in the global marketplace.

Apply here

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