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AI in business this week: Adobe, Zendesk and Baidu’s Ernie


Have you ever imagined AI streamlining legal research or empowering businesses to predict customer behaviour? In today’s rapidly evolving tech landscape, these advancements are becoming a reality. 

From AI-powered legal research tools to transformative business intelligence applications, the following articles delve into the latest developments shaping the tech industry and how they’re revolutionising the way we work.

Adobe Launches Acrobat AI Assistant to Revolutionize PDF Experiences

Adobe is launching Acrobat AI Assistant to enhance PDF experiences for customers. This tool enables users to be more productive with various document types such as Word, PowerPoint, meeting transcripts, and more. The AI Assistant recommends relevant questions based on document content and provides answers through an intuitive conversational interface. It also offers generative summaries for quick understanding, intelligent citations for source verification, easy navigation with clickable links, content consolidation for presentations and reports, and ensures data security by adhering to strict protocols.

Tax preparation is just one example of how Acrobat AI Assistant boosts productivity. Knowledge workers are summarizing meeting transcripts, analysts are surfacing key findings in research reports, sales teams are finding crucial information for proposals, consumers are locating terms in contracts, and educators and students are creating study guides.

Sapia Labs Explores AI Recruitment Tech at SIOP Conference

Sapia Labs, the research division of, will present new research at the Society for Industrial-Organizational Psychology (SIOP) conference in Chicago. These papers explore various aspects of AI-based recruitment technology, including personality analysis of chat interview technology and the use of large language models for scoring structured interviews., serving high-profile brands like Qantas and Woolworths, has seen significant AI adoption among Australia’s corporate leaders.

Zendesk Unveils Next-Gen Service Solutions Powered by AI

Zendesk unveils comprehensive AI-powered service solutions at its Relate global conference. With support volumes expected to increase, Zendesk offers autonomous AI agents, workflow automation, Agent Copilot for human agents, workforce management, and quality assurance capabilities—all powered by AI. These features aim to enhance service delivery, increase efficiency, and improve customer satisfaction.

Qlik Introduces AI Accelerator for Real-World Business Transformations

Qlik introduces the AI Accelerator to enable AI integration across industries, facilitating real-world business transformations. Qlik’s AI solutions have demonstrated substantial benefits across sectors like healthcare, digital marketing, and financial services, showcasing the practical advantages of AI-driven analytics on robust data foundations.

Baidu’s Ernie AI Chatbot Surpasses 200 Million Users Milestone

Baidu reports that its Ernie AI Chatbot has reached over 200 million users and serves more than 85,000 enterprise clients. Since its launch, Ernie Bot has doubled its user base and sees extensive API usage daily. Competing with other Chinese AI models, Ernie Bot continues to expand its reach and impact.

Salesforce Expands Reach: Products Now Available on AWS Marketplace in Australia

Salesforce announces the availability of select products on the AWS Marketplace in Australia, extending its presence beyond the US and Europe. This integration simplifies procurement and offers flexible options for AWS customers, facilitating seamless access to Salesforce solutions. Simplified procurement procedures and flexible options such as private pricing and consolidated billing through AWS further enhance customer experience, enabling seamless utilization of pre-approved budgets and driving business performance.

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