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Akkio: Supercharge your BI with AI-powered analytics


Akkio is a powerful business tool that offers generative business intelligence for agencies. With the use of AI-powered analytics and predictive modeling, Akkio allows agencies to enhance their service offering by enabling their customers to chat with their data, create live charts and graphs, and predict future trends simply by asking.

One of the key features of Akkio is the ability to chat with data, leveraging the power of generative AI. This feature provides added value to clients by offering them a custom chatbot that allows them to ask questions, create charts, and gain insights without the need for coding skills. By facilitating data exploration and analysis through interactive dialogue, Akkio streamlines the data analysis process and empowers users to make informed decisions.

Another notable feature of Akkio is its generative reports capability. By connecting data and describing project goals, users can instantly generate a custom client dashboard for any data project. This AI-generated report can be used to optimize ad spend, track trends, or support any other objective. This automation saves time and effort for agencies, enabling them to deliver valuable reports to their clients more efficiently.

Akkio also offers the ability to build and deploy custom machine learning models. These predictive models can be used to deliver accurate and reliable predictions to clients via data integrations or API. By leveraging the power of machine learning, agencies can drive impact and provide valuable insights to their clients.

In terms of data privacy and security, Akkio is committed to protecting user data. The platform, processes, and systems are designed with enterprise-grade data privacy and security controls in place. This ensures that the privacy and security obligations of users are met, providing peace of mind when handling sensitive data.

Furthermore, Akkio supports white labeling, allowing agencies to brand all shareable pages and endpoints with their company logo. This feature enables agencies to present reports, dashboards, and Chat Explore pages with their own branding, enhancing their professional image.

Akkio – Features

AI-powered analytics and predictive modeling
Custom chatbot for clients to ask questions and gain insights
Instant generation of custom client dashboards
Custom machine learning models and delivering predictions to clients
Combines analytics and machine learning for improved operations
Enterprise-grade data privacy and security measures
White labeling option with company logo on shareable pages
Suitable for anyone working with data, including data analysts, finance managers, and marketing operations.

Akkio – Pricing

Basic plan: $49 per user/month, up to 1M rows of data, up to 10K actions monthly.
Professional plan: $99 per user/month, up to 10M rows of data, up to 1M actions monthly.

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