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Anyword: Ai writing platform for smarter marketing


Anyword is an AI writing platform designed for enterprise marketing teams, addressing the common challenge that even the largest AI models struggle to understand what truly resonates with audiences. Anyword differentiates itself by offering performance prediction, copy intelligence, and brand voice capabilities to drive marketing results. This tool is versatile and works seamlessly across various AI applications including demand generation, product marketing, social media, content marketing, email marketing & ops, and marketing strategy.

For demand generation, paid, and growth initiatives, Anyword helps boost return on ad spend (ROAS) and conversions by predicting ad performance before going live, analyzing performance across all channels, and saving time and resources on A/B testing. In product marketing, businesses can discover messaging that best resonates with their audience and ensure content remains on-brand and impactful, increasing content output for product launches tenfold.

On social media, Anyword aids in achieving 20% more reach and engagement by tailoring content to specific audiences with the help of customer personas, and quickly selecting the best copy with predictive performance scores. Content marketers benefit from data-backed blog posts, authentic and plagiarism-free content across various platforms, and the ability to gauge engagement before publication.

Email marketing and operations are streamlined with Anyword by understanding which email copy performs best without the need for A/B testing, optimizing open rates and click-through rates, and generating engaging email content efficiently. Lastly, Anyword contributes to marketing strategy by maintaining brand consistency, improving campaign performance and revenue, and aligning brand communication policies with legal and ethical standards.

In essence, Anyword empowers marketing teams to create impactful, informed, and on-brand content across multiple channels, saving time and resources while enhancing performance and engagement.

Anyword – Features

AI writing platform for enterprise marketing teams
Performance prediction for copy intelligence
Works with any AI model
Boost ROAS & conversions for demand generation
Predict performance of ads before going live
Discover which messaging resonates best with audience for product marketing
Achieve 20% more reach and engagement on social media posts
Generate a month’s worth of engaging emails in less than an hour for email marketing

Anyword – Pricing

Anyword offers Starter plan for $39/month, Data-Driven plan for $79/month, Business plan for $349/month, and Enterprise plan with custom pricing. Each plan includes different features like Brand Voices, copy generation, predictive analytics, and AI customization.

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