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Australian startups shine in PepsiCo’s Green Accelerator Program


PepsiCo selects 10 APAC startups for sustainability accelerator program and three Australian finalists join the program focused on innovative solutions in agriculture, circular economy, and climate action.

Global food and beverage leader PepsiCo announced the 10 finalists for its 2024 APAC Greenhouse Accelerator Program. Launched in January, the program attracted applications from startups across the Asia-Pacific region. A committee of PepsiCo leaders selected the finalists based on their ability to develop solutions for sustainable agriculture, the circular economy, and climate action.

Australia is well-represented among the finalists with three companies making the cut. ELIoT Energy tackles Scope-3 emissions in the food and beverage sector through its energy-shifting devices that optimize green energy usage. Wildfire Energy boasts a revolutionary gasification technology for converting biomass and waste into usable energy. Finally, X-Centric develops high-performance, affordable soil testing instruments for accurate soil characterization, promoting better land management.

Each finalist brings a unique approach to environmental and sustainability challenges, aligning perfectly with PepsiCo’s transformative pep+ (PepsiCo Positive) initiative. This program underscores PepsiCo’s commitment to building a future-proof food system that benefits both people and the planet.

This year, PepsiCo expanded the APAC Greenhouse Accelerator Program to include a critical new focus area: sustainable agriculture. Recognising the essential role that agriculture plays in our food systems, PepsiCo has identified two trailblazing startups from this sector as finalists, each contributing innovative approaches to sustainable farming practices.

The Greenhouse Accelerator aims to catalyse the growth of these startups, enhancing their capability to contribute meaningful advancements within the industry. Representing a broad spectrum of APAC’s entrepreneurial talent, the finalists embody PepsiCo’s pursuit of diverse and potent environmental solutions.

Central to PepsiCo’s mission is the integration of these innovative approaches into its global value chain, furthering the company’s commitment to improve its ecological footprint. By 2025, PepsiCo aims to ensure all packaging is recyclable, compostable, biodegradable, or reusable, alongside a targeted 40% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.

Providing an ecosystem of support, the APAC Greenhouse Accelerator Program connects finalists with PepsiCo’s extensive network of mentors, industry experts, and resources. This framework is designed to foster development, accelerate market readiness, and enhance the scalability of their solutions.

“We’re proud to be supporting start-ups that are playing an active role in driving innovation within the sustainability space and are thrilled to see finalists from both Australia and New Zealand in our Greenhouse Accelerator Program 2024,” said Brent Gapes, National EHS & Sustainability Manager, ANZ at PepsiCo. “The commitment of these brands, in driving impactful and sustainable solutions, aligns with our vision of driving a more resilient and environmentally conscious future for people and the planet. We look forward to continuing to collaborate with such innovators to create real change and tackle pivotal issues within the circular economy, sustainable agriculture, and climate change.”

The 2023 APAC edition saw seven pilots across the PepsiCo network, which drove 110% growth in six months for the finalists, along with USD 1.5 million in sales growth. 

The finalists selected for the APAC Greenhouse Accelerator Program 2024 are:

ELIoT Energy (Australia) revolutionizes energy usage in refrigeration, cutting Scope-3 emissions with plug’n’play batteries. CEO: David Hauser.

Wildfire Energy (Australia) converts low-value biomass and waste into high-quality syngas for energy. CTO: Denis Doucet, GM: Jamie Roodenrys.

X-Centric (Australia) offers high-performance soil testing instruments for precise soil health assessment. CEO: Roozbeh Ravansari, Co-Founder: Junghyun Lee.

Captivate Technology (New Zealand) transforms carbon capture with MUF-16 technology, reducing costs and energy usage. CEO: Shane Telfer, Manager, Business Development: Nigel Campbell.

AIIEV (Thailand) facilitates electric vehicle conversions with a sustainable subscription model. Co-Founder, COO: Sangkla Kreuawan, CEO: Anirooth Pengsuwan.

CIRAC (Thailand) recycles aluminum laminated plastic packaging into sustainable materials. Co-Founders: Sikarin Tamiyakul, Chatchai Amornlertpreecha.

Alternō (Vietnam) pioneers low-cost thermal energy storage solutions for renewable energy. Co-Founders: Hai Ho, Kent Nguyen.

Grac (Vietnam) provides affordable waste management solutions, fostering a circular economy. CEO: Minh (Trọng) Nguyễn.

Mi Terro (China) transforms biomass waste into hydrophilic and hydrophobic biomaterials, combating microplastics. CEO: Robert Luo.

Takachar (the Philippines) converts crop residues into bioproducts, advancing climate justice. Co-Founders: Kevin Kung, Vidyut Mohan.

For more information about PepsiCo’s Greenhouse Accelerator, visit the website

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