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BettyBlocks: Rapidly build innovative business applications


Betty Blocks is a cutting-edge low-code platform that empowers users to rapidly build business applications. Whether you are looking to develop simple solutions or advanced enterprise applications, Betty Blocks offers an innovative tool for citizen developers to create scalable and innovative digital products. With Betty Blocks, business technologists can collaborate with IT professionals to innovate and automate important business processes, leading to increased efficiency and revenue generation.

One of the key features of Betty Blocks is its AI capabilities, which provide users with a secure and flexible way to integrate artificial intelligence into their workflows. Through the Low-Code AI Toolkit, organizations can create custom AI applications in a fully secure and governed environment. The platform allows users to connect to multiple Large Language Models and easily change them as needed, making it incredibly flexible. Additionally, Betty Blocks offers reusable drag-and-drop components for AI functionality, allowing for seamless integration with existing tools without disrupting the workflow.

Overall, Betty Blocks is revolutionizing the way businesses build and deploy applications. By providing a user-friendly low-code platform that supports citizen development, empowers collaboration between business and IT professionals, and offers secure and flexible AI solutions, Betty Blocks is helping organizations of all sizes innovate and succeed in today’s digital landscape.

Betty Blocks – Features

Rapidly build business applications
Build scalable enterprise applications
Develop innovative digital products
Empower business technologists
Automate important business processes
Secure AI solutions
Flexible AI integration
Reusable AI components

Betty Blocks – Pricing

Available upon request, free demo.

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