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Budget 2024 breakdown: A look at key spending areas


Scheduled for release on May 14th by Treasurer Jim Chalmers, the 2024 federal budget promises a strategic approach to addressing economic challenges while fostering sustainable growth.

Here’s a preview of what to expect:

Tax Cuts and Cost of Living Relief

The centerpiece of the budget is the recalibration of stage-three tax cuts, a $359 billion package aimed at providing relief to Australian taxpayers. While benefiting the majority of taxpayers, adjustments ensure fairness across income brackets. Additional measures targeting cost-of-living pressures, such as extended energy price relief, are anticipated.

Education and Skills Development

Efforts to alleviate student debt burdens include indexing Higher Education Loan Program (HECS) debts and providing stipends for student placements. These initiatives reflect a commitment to enhancing educational accessibility and workforce development.

Childcare Sector Reform

Wage increases for childcare workers and potential reforms to achieve universal access to childcare are under consideration. The budget is expected to outline measures aimed at addressing staffing shortages and improving affordability for families.

Healthcare and Aged Care

Increased funding for public hospitals, medical research, and aged care services is anticipated. The government’s response to the aged care taskforce report and proposals for enhancing defense capabilities will also feature prominently.

Infrastructure Investment

Significant funding is allocated for infrastructure projects, particularly in Western Sydney. Enhancements to transportation networks and road safety initiatives will be prioritized to support economic growth and urban development.

Future Made in Australia Initiatives

The government’s “Future Made in Australia” policy aims to bolster domestic industry and innovation, with investments in renewable energy, critical minerals, and technological advancements.

Drought Resilience

Additional funding for the Commonwealth’s future drought fund will support regional communities in preparing for and managing dry conditions. Programs aimed at enhancing agricultural resilience and sustainability will be prioritized.

Gender Equality and Indigenous Affairs

Initiatives to address gender-based violence, promote financial security for parents, and support Indigenous communities are expected to be included in the budget.

Future Made in Australia Act

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese’s industrial policy seeks to revitalize Australia’s industrial base through targeted investments in emerging sectors, fostering economic growth and innovation.

Students and HELP Debt Relief

Measures to cap the indexation rate for Higher Education Loan Program (HELP) debts and provide financial support for student placements will offer relief to students and borrowers.

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