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Buildbox: Revolutionizing game development for everyone


Buildbox is a game development tool that offers a range of features to help creators bring their ideas to life. One of the standout features of Buildbox is the introduction of Buildbox AI, a tool that allows users to easily create unique and high-quality characters, environments, and objects for their video game projects with just a single click. By typing what they want in the prompt box, users can generate stunning assets within seconds, which can then be dragged and dropped onto the Creator Wheel to start building their game.

For those looking to create more advanced 3D and 2D games, Buildbox offers Buildbox 3, its most advanced game creation software. With Buildbox 3, creators can utilize Smart Assets™ and Brainboxes™ for a no-code approach to game development, or explore advanced low-code options for more customization. Buildbox also offers Buildbox Classic for those focused on 2D game development, which now includes AI to further simplify the creation process.

In addition to game development tools, Buildbox also offers Soundbox, an audio software specifically designed for game development. With Soundbox, creators can easily create professional sound effects and original music for their games. Buildbox also provides a platform for creators to sell their original assets through the Buildbox Shop, where they can find both free and premium assets to enhance their games.

At the core of Buildbox’s vision is the belief that game development should be accessible to everyone. By providing powerful and user-friendly software, Buildbox aims to break down the barriers of game development and empower creators to bring their ideas to life. With Buildbox, all that is needed is imagination, and the possibilities are endless.

Buildbox – Features

Buildbox AI for creating unique characters, environments, or objects with a single click
Buildbox 3 for creating advanced 3D & 2D games with no-code or low-code options
Buildbox Classic for making 2D games with AI and no coding required
Soundbox for creating professional sound effects and music for games
Buildbox Shop for buying and selling game assets
Easy drag and drop interface for building games
Breaks down barriers of game development for creators
Focus on making game creation accessible to everyone

Buildbox – Pricing

Buildbox offers three pricing plans. The Plus plan is $48.99/year, the Pro plan is $148.99/year, and the Ultimate Bundle is $223.99/year. Each plan includes features such as 2D+3D games, unlimited world exports, customizable splash screens, and revenue shares.

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