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Cegid: Revolutionizing HR with innovative technology


Cegid is a business tool that offers innovative human resources solutions to help companies improve their work experience. With the rapid evolution of HR and the increasing expectations of employees, Cegid aims to rethink work experience by offering a range of technologies and tools.

One of the main features of Cegid Talentsoft is its ability to improve the candidate experience and recruitment process. By connecting to 1,400 job boards, it allows companies to easily distribute job postings and reach a wider audience. This saves time and allows HR professionals to focus on more valuable activities. Additionally, Cegid Talentsoft helps companies develop employees’ careers and performance through various learning programs and content.

Cegid Wittyfit is another tool offered by Cegid that focuses on employee engagement. It uses a scientific method to assess and measure employee engagement and prevent psychosocial risks. This allows companies to develop effective action plans to improve the overall employee experience.

Another solution provided by Cegid is Cegid Digitalrecruiters, which is a comprehensive talent acquisition solution. This tool includes an applicant tracking system (ATS), customer relationship management (CRM), and career sites to help companies reinvent the candidate and recruiter experience. It offers a smooth experience for all users and provides support to launch and convert recruitments quickly, ultimately improving profitability.

Cegid Notilus is a digital solution designed to help companies manage and control their employees’ travel budgets. It simplifies the processing and reimbursement of expense claims and integrates the corporate travel policy. This tool aims to streamline the travel experience for employees, allowing them to focus on their work.

Cegid – Features

Improve candidate experience and recruitment process
Develop employee careers and performance
Complete learning experience from content to administration
Assess employee engagement using a scientific method
Measure and prevent psychosocial risks
Save time by simplifying media buying for job postings
Automate the job posting process and measure results
Manage and control employees’ travel budgets

Cegid – Pricing

Cegid offers customized pricing plans for their business tool, with details available upon request. They also provide a free demo for interested individuals upon contact.

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