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CES 2024: AI to take centre stage in this year’s tech extravaganza

Get ready for an unparalleled showcase of cutting-edge technology as the countdown to CES 2024 begins.

This year, the spotlight is firmly fixed on Artificial Intelligence (AI), promising a transformative experience set to unfold in Las Vegas starting January 9.

Unlike previous years where AI technology simmered beneath the surface, CES 2024 is gearing up to be a game-changer. The unveiling of OpenAI’s ChatGPT in November 2022 has ignited an AI arms race, reaching its zenith at CES 2024. AI will be all over CES – in cars, scooters, headphones, cameras, speakers, and TVs.

Some gadgets will chat with you, like ChatGPT-style, for voice commands. Big companies like Intel, Qualcomm, and AMD will unveil chips making devices smarter with on-device AI services.

This means things like recognising images and turning speech into text will happen faster and feel more powerful.

LG’s Smart Home AI

LG’s smart home AI agent

LG is set to unveil a revolutionary AI agent as the centerpiece of its Smart Home exhibit. This two-legged robot serves as an interactive assistant, managing smart home appliances and IoT devices with voice and visual interfaces. Beyond mere functionality, it acts as a robotic companion, monitoring environmental conditions and ensuring household security.


LG’s stunning 98-inch Mini LED TV set to debut at CES 2024

Rumors suggest LG will introduce a 98-inch QNED TV featuring AI-driven picture enhancements. Powered by an A8 AI processor, it promises a superior visual experience through precise HDR optimization and detailed image processing.

Samsung’s AI Family Hub

Image of food list generated by AI Vision Inside on Family Hub™+

Samsung plans to debut the Bespoke 4-Door Flex Refrigerator with AI Family Hub, featuring AI-driven cameras that assess available ingredients and suggest personalized recipes. This innovative appliance can recognize various food items, actively monitor the water filter status, and issue timely alerts.

Nvidia’s AI Advancements

Nvidia is set to showcase groundbreaking AI advancements, with hints at a generative AI and the potential debut of the company’s first AI chatbot. The sessions at the event will delve into AI gaming, robotics, and enterprise tools powered by artificial intelligence.

AI Across the Board

CES 2024 will witness an AI takeover, with AI finding its way into various products, from cars and scooters to headphones and televisions. The event will showcase the evolution of ChatGPT-style question-and-response services, offering seamless interaction. Expect companies like Intel, Qualcomm, and AMD to unveil chips supporting on-device AI services, enhancing tasks like computer vision and voice-to-text services.

As AI dominates CES 2024, Gary Shapiro, CEO of the Consumer Technology Association, predicts that, like the internet, AI will become an inherent ingredient, eventually fading into the background as it becomes commonplace.

While AI takes the spotlight, CES 2024 promises to be the epicenter of innovation, where industry trends are shaped, and the future unfolds before our eyes.

About CES

CES, the largest annual gathering in the US for the consumer electronics industry, is making its grand return to Las Vegas on January 9. Brace yourself for a colossal four-day spectacle, a bustling bazaar of tech wonders, where expo halls will overflow with new gadgets, ambitious startups, and prototypes reaching for the stars.

Stay tuned, as we’ll be unveiling more incredible products across various categories in the coming days.

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