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CoCounsel: Your AI legal assistant for fast, reliable results


Casetext is revolutionizing the legal industry with its AI legal assistant, CoCounsel. This cutting-edge tool utilizes GPT-4 technology to handle essential legal tasks such as document review, legal research memos, deposition preparation, and contract analysis in just minutes, providing accurate and trustworthy results.

With CoCounsel, lawyers can fast-track their legal research and deposition preparation by simply entering an issue and relevant information like jurisdiction, receiving a complete answer with supporting sources in seconds. The tool also streamlines document review by identifying critical documents in contract databases and key information in discovery, increasing precision and lowering costs. Furthermore, CoCounsel can automate contract revision by identifying relevant clauses, conflicts, and risks, then recommending revisions.

Casetext is at the forefront of AI technology in the legal field, empowering lawyers to provide higher-quality, more efficient, and more affordable representation to their clients. With a team of experienced attorneys, AI and machine learning experts, and product and design leaders, Casetext has launched several successful products used by over 10,000 firms of all sizes and practice areas.

The company prioritizes trust and safety, ensuring that all technologies are thoroughly vetted before launch. CoCounsel has been rigorously trained by expert attorneys and engineers to filter, rank, and score results, providing reliable and accurate assistance.

As AI continues to evolve, Casetext is leading the way in utilizing this technology to enhance legal practice and expand access to legal representation for everyone. With CoCounsel, lawyers can save time, increase productivity, and focus on serving their clients and growing their businesses effectively.

Casetext – Features

AI legal assistant for document review, research memos, deposition preparation, and contract analysis
Fast-track legal research and deposition preparation
Detail-oriented document review with precision and cost reduction
Contract revision automation with clause identification and recommendations
Pioneers in AI technology for the legal field
Unparalleled expertise with combined 110+ years of experience
Thorough vetting of new technologies for reliability
Training CoCounsel for trust and safety with expert attorneys and engineers.

Casetext – Pricing

Casetext offers pricing plans starting at $203/month for 2 attorneys with basic research tools, up to $800/month for more advanced features including access to the AI legal assistant. Pricing varies based on the number of attorneys in the organization.

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