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Cohere: Transforming enterprise applications with intelligent AI


Cohere is a cutting-edge business tool that empowers enterprises to build conversational apps, powerful chatbots, and knowledge assistants using their own data as the source of truth. The tool utilizes Cohere’s Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) toolkit, which allows Large Language Models (LLMs) to accurately answer questions and solve tasks, delivering accurate and relevant conversations grounded in enterprise data.

With Cohere’s world-class LLMs, enterprises can build secure applications that search, understand meaning, and converse in text. The tool’s Command feature enables users to create powerful chatbots and knowledge assistants, leveraging RAG for accurate conversations. Additionally, Cohere’s Embed model allows for the development of powerful semantic search solutions in multiple languages, ensuring relevant search results for users.

Furthermore, Cohere offers Rerank, which significantly improves the relevance of search results from existing tools like Elasticsearch, OpenSearch, and Solr. This customizable feature enhances the performance of semantic search, providing tailored solutions for each enterprise’s domain.

Cohere aims to accelerate productivity by leveraging advanced language models and Intelligent Assistants, which can understand enterprise data and help employees make quicker decisions. The tool offers customizable models, high performance, and scalability, as well as flexible deployment options such as SaaS API, cloud services, and private deployments for varying needs. Additionally, Cohere prioritizes privacy by ensuring that customer data is never used in training base models, giving customers complete control over customization and model inputs/outputs.

In summary, Cohere is a versatile and innovative business tool that leverages advanced language models to enhance enterprise capabilities, improve search performance, and accelerate productivity. With its range of features and customizable options, Cohere is a valuable asset for businesses looking to optimize their operations and decision-making processes.

Cohere – Features

Build conversational apps with RAG
Chat with RAG using Cohere’s Command
Powerful, accurate semantic search with Embed model
Search performance improvement with Rerank
Accelerate productivity with language models
Customizable models for superior performance
Performance and scalability with Cohere’s models
Flexible deployment options and privacy control

Cohere – Pricing

Available upon request.

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