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ConfigureIT: Build powerful apps without coding hassles


Configure.IT is a powerful business tool that allows users to build backend databases and APIs without writing a single line of code. This no-code platform is designed to turn ideas into reality quickly and efficiently, making it an ideal solution for businesses looking to streamline their backend development process.

The platform features a drag-and-drop interface, making it easy for users to build applications by simply dragging and dropping components to create their web backend. Users also have access to 100% of the source code, allowing for further customization and flexibility.

Configure.IT offers a range of features that aim to reduce costs and increase efficiency, including an API Builder for creating custom APIs without coding, flowchart-based APIs for defining logic, and a visual query builder for designing database queries with ease.

With a fully relational database, smart DB design tools, and the ability to import existing data, Configure.IT allows users to organize and control their data effectively. The platform also includes smart forms creation, power-packed data listing, and module-driven approaches to building functional modules and customized interfaces.

Furthermore, Configure.IT supports multi-languages and allows users to add custom functions to extend the UI, alter data, or formatting as needed. The platform is ideal for building dynamic web applications, mobile apps, enterprise apps, and connecting and controlling IoT devices with ease.

In summary, Configure.IT is a scalable backend development tool that empowers users to create APIs, simplify backend development, and integrate with various systems without the need for coding. With its essential tools and features, Configure.IT enables businesses to increase their web application growth alongside their business, facilitating seamless communication between software systems and fostering scalable solution creation.

Configure.IT – Features

No-code platform for faster backend development
Drag & Drop interface for easy app building
Get 100% Source Code access
API Builder for custom APIs without coding
Visual Query Builder for database queries
Model-based API design for fast logic creation
Smart Forms Creation for user-friendly interfaces
Create APIs for seamless communication between software systems

Configure.IT – Pricing

Available upon request, free trial.

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