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Coveo: Elevate customer experiences and drive profitable growth


Coveo is a powerful business tool that leverages AI technology to curate individualized, trusted, and connected experiences across billions of unique moments. Designed for enterprise use cases, Coveo offers a variety of solutions tailored to different business needs, such as Coveo Generative Answering, Coveo for Ecommerce, Coveo for Customer Service, Coveo for Websites, and Coveo for Workplaces.

With Coveo AI, businesses can achieve significant improvements in key metrics such as average order value, customer satisfaction, conversion rates, and employee efficiency. By personalizing offers, providing world-class experiences, and streamlining knowledge access, Coveo helps organizations drive profitable growth and transform customer service from a cost center to a profit center.

Unlike other platforms, Coveo stands out for its ability to understand, optimize, and personalize across the entire customer journey, from customers to employees. The platform offers mature applied AI models, centralized “Spinal AI” capability, and stringent security measures to ensure data privacy and protection.

One of Coveo’s key advantages is its seamless integration with existing tech stacks, including Salesforce, SAP, Adobe, and Zendesk, allowing businesses to supercharge their current systems without the need for a complete overhaul or extensive training.

Overall, Coveo is a comprehensive AI-driven solution that empowers businesses to deliver superior experiences, drive profitable growth, and adapt to the evolving demands of global enterprises.

Coveo – Features

Coveo Generative Answering with Coveo AI
AI for Ecommerce
AI for Customer Service
AI for Websites
AI for Workplaces
Centralized “Spinal AI” capability
Integrations with existing tech stack
Engineered for enterprise use cases

Coveo – Pricing

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