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Datarails: AI-powered FP&A platform for actionable insights


Datarails is an AI-powered FP&A platform that allows users to keep their own Excel financial models and spreadsheets while automating repetitive processes. With Datarails, users can access all their data in one place by integrating with popular accounting software, ERPs, and CRMs for consolidated data.

The platform combines the flexibility of Excel with the power of Datarails’ FinanceOS, which allows users to work in their familiar Excel environment with full functionality. Automated consolidation and reporting save time, enabling users to focus on strategic insights that drive business growth.

Datarails also enables users to let their data tell the story by showcasing business-critical KPIs on dashboards. The platform’s visualization tool allows users to drill down into underlying data in real-time, facilitating quick insights and answers to stakeholders’ questions. Additionally, Datarails integrates with other BI tools for a seamless data analysis experience.

One of the standout features of Datarails is its AI-powered FP&A Genius, which provides users with quick answers to burning questions based on complete and consolidated finance data from across the company. This conversational AI tool leverages real data to deliver the insights and information needed for informed decision-making.

Overall, Datarails offers a comprehensive and user-friendly solution for finance professionals looking to streamline their financial planning and analysis processes. With its AI capabilities, data integration, and Excel compatibility, Datarails empowers users to make data-driven decisions that contribute to business success.

Datarails – Features

Consolidation of data from across the organization
Streamlined financial reporting & monthly close process
Budgeting for cost and revenue estimates
Forecasting for informed business decisions
Scenario modeling for evaluating financial changes
Analysis of financial and operational data
Data visualization through graphs and charts
Collaboration with other teams on data sharing

Datarails – Pricing

Datarails offers customized pricing to help finance teams drive growth with FP&A. Packages are tailored to fit unique needs, including financial reporting goals, number of users, and integrations. Fill out a form for pricing based on your specific requirements.

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