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Describely: Powering eCommerce content with AI


Describely is a powerful business tool designed to help eCommerce businesses generate product content efficiently and accurately. Using artificial intelligence, Describely enables users to effortlessly create on-brand product descriptions, titles, meta descriptions, and tags in a matter of seconds, even when dealing with hundreds or thousands of products.

One of the key features of Describely is its ability to generate accurate product content without the need for constant adjustments and fine-tuning. By simplifying eCommerce content creation and moving beyond traditional spreadsheets, Describely provides a platform that is not only efficient but also aligns with the brand’s identity. This tool can help alleviate deadline pressures, enhance product quality, and ultimately boost revenue for businesses.

Additionally, Describely streamlines the process of updating product catalogs by allowing users to connect their store and easily import and publish product content with just one click. This eliminates the need for manual copy-pasting and ensures faster and easier product listing updates.

Designed specifically for eCommerce teams, Describely offers a range of features such as integrating with popular platforms like Shopify, enabling team collaboration, and providing SEO optimization and keyword data at your fingertips. Moreover, Describely’s AI Rules feature gives users precise control over tone, title length, and description guidelines for accurate content generation.

With Describely’s Bulk Content Generation, users can efficiently create quality product descriptions, titles, bullet points, and tags in bulk, making it ideal for businesses with numerous products that need content updates quickly. By offering a unified platform for team collaboration in content creation, review, and publishing, Describely eliminates the need for writing product content in spreadsheets, making the entire process seamless and hassle-free.

Describely – Features

Drive better results instantly
High-quality Product Descriptions
Optimized for SEO
Bulk Content Generation
Centralized Product Data Management
Seamless Integrations
AI Image Generation

Describely – Pricing

Describely offers three pricing plans: Free with 5 products and 1 user, Core at $9/mo with 15 products and 3 users, and Enterprise with unlimited products, users, and store connectors. Contact for Enterprise pricing.

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