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DesignStripe: Ai-powered creative studio


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DesignStripe is a smart creative studio that aims to make the design process for businesses effortless yet impactful. One of the key features of this tool is the automatic brand kit, which allows users to capture their brand essence by inputting just a URL. This feature ensures that designs match the user’s style and colors seamlessly.

Another useful function of DesignStripe is the ability to create posts from a prompt or a link. Users can turn their ideas or website content into stunning posts with just a few clicks, making the design process fast and efficient. Additionally, the tool ensures that designs are adaptable to all platforms, guaranteeing that posts shine on every social platform in every format.

One of the standout features of DesignStripe is the smart in-browser editor, which allows for easy editing without the need for professional design skills. Users can craft designer-grade posts right at their fingertips, streamlining the design workflow from idea to online. The tool offers a step-by-step process starting from adding a website to import the brand, creating designs from a description or a link, customizing them, and downloading in all formats ready for posting.

Additionally, DesignStripe offers other tools such as custom illustrations and mockups to help users create beautiful and on-brand content for their social media channels. The tool also provides a platform for users to provide feedback and suggestions for future features, ensuring that it continues to evolve based on user needs.

Overall, DesignStripe is a comprehensive tool for businesses looking to streamline their design process and create impactful content quickly. Whether you need to create posts for social media or design mockups for your website, DesignStripe offers a range of tools to help you be productive and creative in your business.

DesignStripe – Features

Automatic brand kit generation from just a URL input
Ability to create social media posts from a prompt or link
Seamless adaptation of designs for all social media platforms
In-browser editor for easy customization of designs
Workflow from website input to downloadable, ready-to-post designs
Creating custom illustrations without design skills
Turning designs into remarkable mockups directly in the browser
Post idea generator tool available for generating marketing plan ideas based on website input

DesignStripe – Pricing

DesignStripe offers a 7-day free trial with full access to all features. Pricing plans include $29 monthly or $8 monthly (billed annually) with promo code SUMMERDEAL for 70% off. Features include social media post creator, illustration creator, unlimited brand kits, and 3D mockups creator.

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