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DigitalGenius: Revolutionize CX with AI automation


DigitalGenius is an AI-powered customer experience platform designed specifically for ecommerce and retail businesses. By leveraging artificial intelligence, DigitalGenius aims to deliver a seamless customer experience and help companies transform their customer service operations. With over 60 pre-built use cases and customizable processes, the platform continuously learns and evolves from customer interactions to provide personalized solutions.

Unlike traditional ticketing systems that often deflect customer inquiries, DigitalGenius resolves tickets by getting to the heart of customers’ problems and offering actual solutions. This approach eliminates the frustration of customers being sent around in circles, providing a more efficient and satisfying experience.

DigitalGenius offers several unique capabilities and functionalities. It comes with pre-built use cases specifically tailored for ecommerce, making it easy to integrate into existing systems. The platform provides out-of-the-box integrations with ecommerce and carrier services, allowing for seamless data exchange. Recognizing the importance of brand identity, DigitalGenius is fully customizable to match the brand’s unique style and tone. Furthermore, the platform offers analytics and reporting features accessible through a built-in dashboard, empowering businesses to gain insights and make data-driven decisions.

DigitalGenius is equipped for multi-lingual and cross-channel interactions, enabling companies to engage with customers across various platforms and languages. The platform also includes AI image and text recognition capabilities, further enhancing its ability to understand and respond to customer needs. Additionally, DigitalGenius utilizes generative AI, a technology that enables the system to generate unique and creative responses.

To ensure successful implementation and ongoing support, DigitalGenius provides fully managed implementation and support services led by product experts. This ensures businesses have the necessary assistance and guidance throughout their customer experience transformation journey.

DigitalGenius has established itself as a trusted partner for forward-thinking ecommerce and retail businesses worldwide. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence and offering comprehensive features and capabilities, the platform enables companies to provide exceptional customer experiences and retain their valuable customers.

DigitalGenius – Features

Built specifically for ecommerce and retail
60+ pre-built use cases for ecommerce
Out-of-the-box ecommerce and carrier integrations
Fully customizable to your brand
Analytics and reporting available in a built-in dashboard
Multi-lingual and cross-channel capabilities
AI image recognition and text recognition
Generative AI technology

DigitalGenius – Pricing

Available upon request. Free demo available.

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