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Docyt: Streamline your business finances with real-time automation


Docyt is a business tool that aims to automate and streamline bookkeeping tasks, providing real-time visibility into a company’s financial health. By leveraging the power of artificial intelligence (AI), Docyt is able to learn about a business and automate its back-office and bookkeeping tasks. This automation not only saves time but also provides real-time financial insights, allowing businesses to make better-informed decisions.

With Docyt, businesses can automate tedious bookkeeping tasks, empowering their management teams and gaining on-the-spot visibility into their overall financial health. The tool also offers complex multi-entity accounting capabilities, providing rollup and individual financial statements for all business locations. By reducing manual tasks, Docyt can improve employee satisfaction.

For businesses that are outgrowing QuickBooks or using an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system other than QuickBooks, Docyt offers a simplified and cost-effective solution. Instead of committing to a time-consuming and expensive transition to a new ERP, businesses can utilize Docyt to automate their back-office accounting operations at a fraction of the cost. Docyt can also automate spend management and accounting workflows for businesses using other ERP systems, offering a custom pilot program to meet their specific needs.

One of the key features of Docyt is its automation and artificial intelligence technology that handles the coding of transactions, journal entries, and reconciliation of bank and credit card accounts in QuickBooks. This automation not only saves time but also allows businesses and their teams to collaborate and share real-time financial insights through the cloud-based Docyt platform. This collaboration can be done internally or with clients, providing convenience and flexibility.

Docyt – Features

Automate mundane, repetitive bookkeeping tasks
Gain real-time visibility into expenses, revenue, and profitability
Utilize powerful artificial intelligence to learn about your business
Automate back-office and bookkeeping tasks
Obtain real-time financial insights for better decision making
Automate tedious bookkeeping tasks and gain live reporting and insights
Simplify multi-entity accounting and generate rollup and individual financial statements
Reduce manual tasks and improve employee satisfaction with Docyt

Docyt – Pricing

For businesses, Docyt offers pricing plans starting from $299 per month for the Impact plan, which includes full bookkeeping and dedicated support. The Advanced plan adds departmental accounting and budget features for $499 per month. The Enterprise plan starts at $999 per month. Accounting firms and CFO services can contact Docyt to discuss their needs and pricing.

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