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Domo: Put data to work and multiply impact


Domo is a powerful business tool that allows users to put their data to work and help everyone in the organization multiply their impact. With Domo, users can move beyond basic charts and graphs to create data experiences that lead to “Aha!” insights and actions when it matters the most.

One of the key features of Domo is its Business Apps, which enable users to make better and faster decisions by using low-code and pro-code apps to automate business insights. These apps help automate processes and streamline decision-making, ultimately leading to more efficient and effective operations.

Additionally, Domo offers BI and Analytics tools that provide intuitive dashboards, reporting, and AI-generated insights. Users can gain a deeper understanding of what is happening in their business and make informed decisions on how to move forward. The platform also allows for the creation of custom data views and reporting capabilities to enable better decision-making for all types of users.

Domo’s Data Foundation serves as a secure and flexible foundation that can integrate real-time data from anywhere. This foundation provides the infrastructure, data integration, and governance necessary to support data experiences within the organization.

The Domo Data Experience Platform leverages AI-powered experiences, intuitive analysis, and a secure foundation to connect data systems and put data to work for everyone in the organization. Domo believes that everyone in the organization can benefit from data experiences to multiply their impact on the business, making fresh data and insightful findings accessible to all.

In summary, Domo is a comprehensive business tool that empowers users to make data-driven decisions, automate processes, and create impactful data experiences throughout the organization. With its focus on empowering all users to leverage data effectively, Domo aims to create a company of multipliers who can drive success and growth across the business.

Domo – Features

Data Reporting
Interactive Dashboards
Embedded Analytics
App Creation (Low-code & Pro-code)
BI and Analytics (Advanced visualizations, AI & Data Science, Alerts, Collaboration)
Data Foundation (Data integration, Data governance, Cloud data warehouse integration)
Security (Secure foundation, Data writeback, Drag-and-drop ETL tools)

Domo – Pricing

Domo offers a Free Forever plan at $0/month with 300 credits, a Standard plan starting at $300/month with +100 credits, an Enterprise plan you must contact sales for, and a Business Critical plan you must also contact sales for. Additional add-ons are available for purchase.

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