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DrapCode: Launch, build, scale web apps without coding


DrapCode is a powerful business tool that allows enterprises to launch fully functional web apps 10 times faster without the need to hire developers. With DrapCode, users can visually design custom user interfaces, import CSS and JavaScript libraries, connect existing data, integrate plugins for additional features, preview changes in real-time, and automate tasks such as sending email and SMS reminders.

Users can easily launch their web apps with a click of a button, with the option to use a custom domain for a fully white-labelled environment. The web apps created with DrapCode are secure with HTTPS encryption and can be accessed and installed as Progressive Web Apps on iOS and Android devices.

As businesses grow, DrapCode allows for easy scalability with the ability to upgrade web apps without technical support. Users can deploy their web apps to any public or private cloud-based infrastructure, collaborate with team members, access full APIs, and maintain control over data and code.

DrapCode can be used to build a variety of enterprise-grade web apps such as customer onboarding flows, marketplace platforms, dashboards and workflows, client portals, multi-tenant SaaS platforms, and back-office portals. The platform also offers easy integration with third-party plugins and provides readymade templates for quick development.

Overall, DrapCode empowers businesses to quickly and efficiently create and launch web apps that meet their specific needs, with the flexibility to scale and customize as their business grows.

DrapCode – Features

Launch fully functional production-ready web apps 10x faster
Visually build custom UIs with pixel perfect design
Import CSS & JavaScript libraries for enhanced functionality
Connect existing data or build from scratch
Integrate Plugins for additional features
Launch web apps on multiple platforms with custom domain
Upgrade and scale web app without technical support
Build enterprise-grade web apps for various use cases

DrapCode – Pricing

DrapCode offers a Free plan with limited features, a Professional plan for $95/month with more resources, a Growth plan for $275/month with additional features, and an Enterprise plan starting at $650/month with the most comprehensive tools and capabilities.

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