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Employment Hero & Sage team up to simplify compliance for SMEs

In a strategic move, the HR, payroll, and employee engagement platform, Employment Hero, has joined forces with Sage, a leading provider of accounting and financial management solutions for small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs).

This partnership offers a compelling solution for Australian SMEs seeking to streamline HR, payroll, and financial processes, improve compliance, and gain better visibility into their business operations.


Payroll data seamlessly flows from Employment Hero to Sage Intacct, eliminating manual data entry.

Employment Hero guides businesses through complex regulations and ensures adherence to latest updates.

Employee classifications, time and attendance tracking, and accurate pay calculations are handled automatically.

Employees can manage their profiles, access pay slips, and submit leave requests through Employment Hero.

Simplified compliance

The integrated tool addresses the challenge of keeping up with intricate and ever-evolving employment, tax, and payroll regulations in Australia. SMEs often struggle with compliance, and this solution provides a straightforward way to navigate these complexities.

The tool assists businesses in consistently adhering to the latest tax, payroll, and employment legislation, offering a reliable solution to navigate the complexities of the regulatory landscape. Sage Intacct empowers SMEs to make tailored choices for their business, offering a versatile digital marketplace with integrations that consolidate financial data into a centralized location. This flexibility enables SMEs to customize the tool according to their unique needs.

Increased visibility

Sage Intacct, known for its award-winning accounting and finance cloud solution, offers SMEs comprehensive visibility into both operational and financial aspects of their business. This enhanced visibility allows for better decision-making, improved automation, increased profitability, and heightened customer satisfaction. 

Improved efficiency

By integrating with Employment Hero, Sage Intacct unifies payroll, HR, and financial systems. This ensures accurate and compliant processing of payroll procedures, reducing the risk of errors and facilitating smoother financial operations. SMEs utilizing Sage Intacct gain access to premium features from Employment Hero. These include employee self-service, onboarding, rostering, time and attendance, and leave management—all accessible with the press of a button.

This not only simplifies these processes but also enhances the overall employee experience. The collaboration aims to minimize the need for redundant data entry and potential errors. With seamless integration between HR and payroll systems, data flows efficiently, reducing the burden on SMEs and ensuring more accurate financial information.

Ben Thompson, Founder and CEO of Employment Hero said: “For most industries in Australia, keeping up with the complexities of employment regulation can be difficult, especially regarding payroll. This is particularly challenging for SMEs who are already overstretched and lack the expertise to be aware of all compliance protocols. Employment Hero’s integration with Sage Intacct will be fundamental to supporting Australian SMEs by giving them an easy, clear way to engage with and comply with extensive employment regulations.”

“This includes giving SMEs access to services, via Sage Intacct, that ensure they are adhering to the correct interpretation of all pay conditions, accurate classifications of employees (taking into account the type of work performed during every shift), collecting true time and attendance data and processing this data with the correct pay calculations, pay slips, and correct PAYG tax and superannuation calculations.”

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