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EntryPoint: Fine-tuning AI for better performance


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EntryPoint is a cutting-edge business tool that allows you to harness the power of artificial intelligence to fine-tune large language models to meet your specific needs. With EntryPoint, you can fine-tune models such as GPT, Llama-2, and Mistral to achieve higher quality, faster generation, and more predictable outputs for a variety of tasks.

Fine-tuning is essential when prompt engineering reaches its limits, as it trains models on how to behave rather than just telling them. By utilizing fine-tuning in conjunction with prompt engineering and retrieval-augmented generation (RAG), you can maximize the potential of large language models.

EntryPoint makes the fine-tuning process seamless and efficient, allowing you to shape outputs and behaviors with just a few dozen training examples. It enables you to cover edge cases, steer model behavior, and avoid common pitfalls in a user-friendly interface without the need for coding.

With EntryPoint, you can work collaboratively with your team, track training data, and compare hyperparameters to determine the most effective strategies. The tool also allows you to import and export data easily, share fine-tuned models for testing, and deploy models with a single click.

From producing high-quality content to data extraction, tagging, prioritization, recommendations, fraud detection, moderation, data enrichment, scoring, and ranking, EntryPoint offers a wide range of use cases for leveraging fine-tuned large language models in various business contexts.

Overall, EntryPoint is a comprehensive platform that empowers business managers to optimize the performance of language models for a variety of tasks and applications, leading to improved quality, efficiency, and predictability in AI-driven processes.

EntryPoint – Features

Fine-tuning platform for large language models
Improve quality of prompts
Faster generation with lighter models
Ensures predictable outputs
Scalable with team collaboration
Train across multiple LLM providers
Write templates for fine-tuning data
Import/export data easily

EntryPoint – Pricing

EntryPoint offers three pricing plans: Starter for individuals at $49/month, Growth for startups at $99/month, and Pro for businesses at $249/month. Each plan includes various features such as training examples, user seats, and onboarding calls. Premium support is included in the Pro plan.

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