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Fetcher: Simplify your talent acquisition process


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Fetcher is a business tool that simplifies and streamlines talent acquisition by sourcing candidates and providing valuable insights. With Fetcher, users can quickly and effortlessly find and engage excellent talent for new job opportunities. Acting as a loyal companion in the talent acquisition process, Fetcher takes care of the sourcing aspect so users can focus on creating an exceptional candidate experience.

Traditionally, sourcing candidates involved spending countless hours scouring databases and job boards. However, with Fetcher, this time-consuming task is made more efficient and effective. By leveraging advanced AI technology and a team of experts, Fetcher is able to source high-quality candidate profiles that align with specific hiring requirements. This saves users time and effort, ensuring that they are presented with the most suitable candidates for their roles.

In addition to simplifying the sourcing process, Fetcher also facilitates candidate engagement. Users are able to easily reach out to top candidates from curated lists through personalized and automated email campaigns. This not only saves users time but also increases the likelihood of a response. Fetcher’s AI technology also tracks these responses, identifying the most interested prospects. This gives users a significant advantage in building and nurturing relationships with potential candidates.

Furthermore, Fetcher provides users with smart recruitment analytics that offer valuable insights into their talent sourcing efforts. Through an analytics dashboard, users can measure candidate engagement, diversity, and overall funnel performance. This data allows users to identify areas for improvement and make data-driven decisions to optimize their talent acquisition strategies. By leveraging these analytics, users can continuously refine their approach to attract and retain top talent.

Fetcher – Features

Find and engage great talent for new job opportunities
Take care of sourcing so you can focus on candidate experience
AI technology and expert team source high-quality candidate profiles
Reach out to top candidates with personalized and automated email campaigns
AI tracks responses and identifies interested prospects
Gain valuable insights with analytics dashboard
Measure candidate engagement, diversity, and overall funnel performance
Identify areas for improvement in recruitment efforts.

Fetcher – Pricing

Fetcher offers three pricing plans for its business tool. The Starter plan is free, but limited to 50 profiles per month. The Growth plan is priced at $149/user/month and allows for up to 4,000 profiles per year. The Amplify plan is priced at $549/user/month and includes the expertise of human experts.

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