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‘Find your why’: The story of Diamond Women’s founder, Jenny Gurry


I think we stayed ‘teachable’ – we were open to criticism and feedback and sought to address things that were brought up quickly. We ensured egos were put aside to ensure we could keep moving forward and provide a healthy balance of innovation and genuine connection and care.

Jenny Gurry

Jenny Gurry, the visionary leader behind Diamond Women, has dedicated nearly two decades to empowering women facing unplanned pregnancies. Since its founding in 2006, she has served as both the founder and Executive Director of the organisation.

Jenny’s first-hand experience witnessing the transformative power of practical support for women in crisis fuelled the creation of Diamond Women. The organization has since grown significantly, establishing centers in Sydney, Gosford, and Wollongong, and extending its reach across Australia. Diamond Women helps women facing unplanned pregnancies. They offer support for finances, mental health, relationships, jobs, housing, and safety. This is all thanks to Jenny, her team, and generous donors.  

This week, Dynamic Business features Jenny in our founder friday section, where we’ll discuss her entrepreneurial journey.

The beginning

Jenny’s firsthand experience ignited a passion to help. Witnessing the transformative power of practical support for women in crisis, she saw a significant gap in available resources. Unable to find an existing organization offering sincere guidance, authentic support, and non-judgmental care, Jenny knew she had to take action. “I knew what I think I needed if that was my situation and couldn’t find anywhere,” she recalls. “It also needed to be free so we could reach more and didn’t look like we were profiting from someone in a vulnerable state.”

Right from the start, Jenny emphasized establishing a strong foundation for sustainable growth. Governance and effective management were solidified before taking any significant strides forward. “Our approach was centered around people,” Jenny says. “We were committed to training, empowering, and equipping everyone – staff, volunteers, and clients.” “Recognizing the importance of family, we made it a priority to create a work environment that complemented family life, with particular consideration for women in the workforce. Even before the onset of the Covid pandemic, we implemented flexible hours and remote work options.

“We adopted a mindset of seeing opportunities in every challenge. Whenever we encountered obstacles such as lack of awareness or access to resources, we adapted our strategies and remained agile, constantly pivoting to find solutions. If we received a “no” as an answer, we interpreted it as “not yet” and persisted.

Throughout our journey, we remained steadfast in our commitment to our mission and values. By staying true to our purpose, we were able to consistently deliver professional and excellent services to our clients.”

Building Strong Relationships

Innovation often arises out of need for us. We want to be able to reach more and provide better supports

Diamond Women recognizes the complex challenges unplanned pregnancies present. They offer comprehensive support, including financial assistance, mental health resources, relationship guidance, job search assistance, housing solutions, and safety measures.

Jenny underscores the importance of maintaining consistency in both the care provided and the caregiver involved. “We work with vulnerable people and want to ensure that they don’t have to reiterate their story to several people inducing more anxiety and trauma. Where they need support, we try to fill that space in their life and with someone consistent, that consistently cares.

“Strong and sustainable relationships for 18 years and being planted in the community we are serving.Innovation often arises out of need for us. We want to be able to reach more and provide better supports, so thinking of ways to provide access to care, to increase our resources through financially viable and sustainable means drives new ideas and ensures we are quick to adopt new technologies and processes.”

Embracing Challenges

Jenny reflects on the multitude of challenges faced by her organization, from misconceptions about their work to the daunting task of competing for donor funding against the marketing budgets of larger NGOs. Amidst this, they grapple with the necessity of standing out amidst the noise without being misconstrued. “So many challenges!! Misunderstanding what we do. How do we compete for a donor’s dollar against the marketing budget of big NGOS? How do we cut through the noise and get noticed and not get mistaken for something we aren’t.

Despite these hurdles, the organization has made significant strides by forging unexpected partnerships. “We made small inroads into various companies that have no real direct alignment with a pregnancy resource centre ie. The building and construction industry. We were able to find good men that wanted to do good and they did. We found partners that were happy to support the mission and were wanting to make a difference in an organisation that has long term outcomes. Think we have learnt that challenges are par for the course. We may not conquer all of them but we will continue to forge forward. That the hope for the future we make tangible for our clients is tangible for us as an organisation with the same principles we teach them to apply – keep moving forward, rethink the way we are doing it, if it doesn’t work- try something new.  

“I think we stayed ‘teachable’ – we were open to cristicism and feedback and sought to address things that were brought up quickly. We ensured egos were put aside to ensure we could keep moving forward and provide a healthy balance of innovation and genuine connection and care.”

Discovering Your True ‘Why’

Jenny emphasizes the importance of discovering your true “why” before starting a business. “It has to be about more than just you,” she says. She stresses the importance of purpose, vision, and passion, along with market research, a solid business plan, and a strong support network.

“What is your purpose? Vision? Passion? Who is it benefitting? It has to be about more than just YOU. Do your market research, do a business plan, build your support network and look at your cash flow ( and a contingency plan if it doesn’t work! Focus on the end user. How does it benefit them and make it unique to you – find your USP.

“Remember its not going to be smooth or easy -because nothing worthwhile in life is! That  persistence in the face of adversity is crucial. Find a work-life balance, your family is not worth trading this in for. Remember you don’t know what you don’t know so continue to learn and grow and listen to what others are saying and ethics & integrity matter. In a world full of corruption – be different. Be honest and transparent. The world will thank you!”

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