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Findem: Unlocking the power of talent AI for your business


Findem is an AI-powered business tool that aims to revolutionize talent management and acquisition by leveraging advanced talent data. Unlike other solutions that rely solely on resumes and skill descriptions, Findem generates new talent data called attributes. These attributes are created using millions of data points, providing insights that cannot be obtained through traditional methods. This unique talent intelligence is at the core of Findem’s end-to-end solution, giving organizations the power to transform their talent strategy.

With Findem, businesses can enhance their talent acquisition process by leveraging AI for precision, objectivity, and efficiency. The tool enables organizations to drive strategic intake meetings, set diversity goals, and find the perfect talent, whether internal or external, in a faster and more efficient way. Additionally, Findem helps build candidate pipelines through talent nurturing, allowing businesses to proactively source and engage potential candidates. Recruitment analytics provide actionable insights to optimize the hiring process and improve overall recruitment outcomes.

In addition to talent acquisition, Findem also offers modern talent management capabilities to future-proof organizations and foster productivity and retention. By providing market insights, the tool helps align workforce plans with business goals. It also promotes internal mobility, allowing companies to grow and retain their employees by offering them opportunities to progress within the organization. Proactive succession planning enables businesses to prepare for the future and ensure a smooth transition of leadership positions. Finally, Findem maximizes productivity by offering AI-powered workflows that streamline and automate talent management processes.

Findem – Features

Data-driven talent acquisition
Drive strategic intake meetings and set diversity goals
Find the right talent faster
Build candidate pipelines with talent nurturing
Get actionable insights with recruitment analytics
Modern talent management
Align workforce plans with business goals
Promote internal mobility and retain employees
Proactively plan for succession
Maximize team productivity with AI-powered workflows

Findem – Pricing

Available upon reques – Free demo.

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