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Fliki: Transform ideas into videos with AI magic


Fliki is a revolutionary business tool that has simplified and accelerated the process of video creation through the use of AI technology. With Fliki, users can easily transform their ideas into stunning video content with the help of AI voices, using a text to video tool. This innovative platform offers users the opportunity to save time, increase efficiency, and maintain a high level of quality in their video creations.

Fliki features a user-friendly and simple editor that allows for easy video creation, making the process as simple as writing an email. Users can create videos with lifelike voiceovers in just minutes, thanks to the power of AI technology. Additionally, Fliki allows users to create high-quality content at scale, all at a fraction of the cost of traditional video creation methods.

With Fliki, the process of content creation has never been easier. Users can create stunning videos in just four simple steps, starting with their text, ideas, presentations, blogs, or tweets. They can then personalize their AI voice, select media or let AI create it for them, and preview and perfect their creation instantly.

Fliki offers various features to cater to different needs, including Idea to Video, Blog to Video, PPT to Video, Tweet to Video, and Avatar Video creation options. The platform is perfect for businesses, marketers, educators, e-commerce platforms, and those in need of localization and translation services.

Fliki also provides users with access to millions of rich stock media assets to enhance their video creations. With over 2000 realistic Text-to-Speech voices available in more than 75 languages, Fliki eliminates the need for costly voice-over artists and recording equipment. Instead, users can rely on Fliki’s AI-powered voice generator to convert their text into natural, professional-quality speech effortlessly.

Fliki – Features

Create impactful video and audio content for various platforms
Corporate video creation
Marketing video creation
Education and e-learning content creation
eCommerce product marketing
Localization and translation services
Create content for Youtube, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Podcasts, Audiobooks
Create promo videos, video ads, social media content, and memes

Fliki – Pricing

Fliki offers three pricing plans: Free for one-off projects, Standard for $21/month with more features, and Premium for $66/month with advanced AI features. Enterprise plan is customizable. Yearly payment option with 25% off available.

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