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Freddy AI: Supercharge your sales with intelligent CRM assistance


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Freddy AI for Sales is a powerful tool that integrates artificial intelligence into your CRM to enhance your sales performance. With Freddy as your always-available AI assistant, you can accomplish more tasks in less time. Freddy helps you find potential customers, create personalized emails, and provides valuable insights to help you close deals faster.

One of the key features of Freddy is its role as a sales copilot. By analyzing data points and behavioral patterns, Freddy is able to score contacts and identify potential customers more efficiently. This empowers salespeople to drive more conversions and increase sales revenue. Additionally, Freddy helps to resolve duplicate contacts in your CRM, streamlining your team’s operations and improving overall efficiency.

Freddy also serves as a content writer, assisting you in creating high-converting sales campaigns. With Freddy’s help, you can craft compelling and personalized emails for prospecting. You can choose from different tones that best suit your personality and showcase your value proposition effectively, ultimately driving the desired call-to-action and delivering a more engaging customer experience.

Moreover, Freddy’s insights provide a wealth of valuable information to help you prioritize opportunities and boost your win rates. Freddy parses emails, analyzes historical data, and offers real-time recommendations based on deal-specific insights and risk signals. This allows you to make informed decisions and take the next best actions to accelerate your sales cycle and drive deals to successful outcomes. With Freddy as your trusted advisor, you can optimize your sales process and close deals faster.

Freddy – Features

Analyzes data points and behavioral patterns to score contacts and drive conversions
Resolves duplicate contacts in CRM to improve team efficiency
Helps craft compelling and personalized sales emails for prospecting
Offers deal-specific insights and risk signals to prioritize opportunities and boost win rates
Parses emails, analyzes historical data, and provides real-time recommendations
Acts as a trusted advisor to make informed decisions and optimize sales process
Helps drive deals to successful outcomes
Increases sales revenue and efficiency for sales teams

Freddy – Pricing

Pricing plans for Freddy business tool:

Free: $0 for up to 3 users
Growth: $15/user/month billed annually or $18/user/month billed monthly
Pro: $39/user/month billed annually or $47/user/month billed monthly
Enterprise: $69/user/month billed annually or $83/user/month billed monthly.

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