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Hebbia: AI agents for serious work


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Hebbia is a business tool that offers AI agents for serious work, allowing users to collaborate more confidently over all the documents that matter. Unlike other systems that can only handle one file at a time or provide limited search results, Hebbia’s Matrix agents can tackle questions about all your documents, even up to millions at a time.

Matrix is designed to execute workflows with hundreds of steps over any amount of sources, turning prompts into processes. It sets a standard for trustworthy AI by showing its work at each step, allowing users to verify, trust, and collaborate with AI. Hebbia has pioneered many of the most used AI architectures in the world, continually pushing the state of the art in AI applications to transform how billions of humans work every day.

With Hebbia, customers can instantly automate workflows using out-of-the-box AI that makes document-based workflows 10 times faster and more accurate. Users can leverage their firm’s knowledge over any LLM (OpenAI, Anthropic, and more) orchestrated to cite its answers. Beyond just text, Hebbia’s AI can work over any type of information and any modality of data, seamlessly ingesting complex documents that may include pictures or nested tables.

Hebbia ensures the security of sensitive data by offering encrypted, end-to-end protection, trusted by the world’s largest financial institutions. The tool provides instant business value from day one, requiring no in-house development or model fine-tuning to start and automatically improving for the organization over time. Hebbia is suitable for a variety of industries, including financial services, law, pharma, due diligence, contract analysis, drug development analysis, market research, knowledge management, supply chain optimization, portfolio management, precedent analysis, and clinical study result synthesis.

Hebbia – Features

AI agents for collaborative document analysis
Matrix AI can handle large amounts of data simultaneously
Transparent AI processes with Matrix
Instant automation of workflows with Matrix
Supports various data types and sources seamlessly
Encryption for end-to-end data security
No in-house development or fine-tuning required to start using Hebbia
Wide range of use cases across industries

Hebbia – Pricing

Hebbia offers pricing plans that are available upon request, with an open wait list for interested customers. They also provide a free demo of their business tool.

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