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HiddenLayer: Securing your competitive advantage in AI


HiddenLayer is a groundbreaking security platform designed specifically for AI algorithms, offering a unique solution to protect your company’s competitive advantage. Created by a team of AI professionals and security specialists, HiddenLayer is based on the MITRE ATLAS framework, ensuring alignment with industry standards for AI security.

Unlike traditional adversarial AI security firms that require expensive experts to dismantle and fortify your algorithms from the inside, HiddenLayer offers a cost-efficient and lightweight approach. With HiddenLayer, you can maintain your algorithms’ performance and outputs, protect them from reverse engineering, inference and poisoning attacks, and prevent sensitive training data exposure.

HiddenLayer’s purpose-built platform provides real-time awareness of your model’s health and attack surface without requiring access to the model or its training data. This unique approach allows you to secure your proprietary AI models against threats without adding complexity or cost.

Founded on the belief that adversarial AI attacks are preventable, HiddenLayer offers a patent-pending solution to help organizations safeguard their AI technology. Trust in HiddenLayer to keep your advantage, maintain your algorithms, and protect the most critical technology driving your business forward. With HiddenLayer, you can defend against insidious attacks and ensure the security of your AI systems.


Professional services for AI security
AI risk assessment
Adversarial ML training
Red team assessment
AI Detection & Response (AIDR) implementation services
Security for AI retainer service
Compliance with Biden executive order on standards for AI safety and security
Compliance with European Union Artificial Intelligence Act


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