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hoory: Transform support processes with AI conversations


Hoory is a revolutionary business tool that leverages AI technology to automate support processes and enhance customer interactions. With Hoory, businesses can streamline and manage customer requests at scale, leading to satisfied users and improved efficiency.

By utilizing AI-driven assistance, Hoory allows users to experience the magic of AI through knowledge-based training, GPT integrations, and conversational AI platforms. This enables businesses to effortlessly manage conversations, automate workflow processes, and centralize user interactions in one place through a shared inbox and help center.

Hoory also offers advanced reporting features that provide deep visibility into support operations, allowing businesses to track performance and make informed decisions. With a Rule-Based AI Assistant and Knowledge-Based AI Assistant, Hoory provides customized solutions for guiding user interactions and delivering context-savvy responses to customer queries.

Furthermore, Hoory offers an omni-channel inbox for wider customer reach, workflow management automation tools, and macros for personalized action sequences. The platform also promotes collaboration among support agents through private notes, canned responses, and mentions, allowing teams to tackle challenges collaboratively and track team activity.

With Hoory’s website channel feature, businesses can embed widgets, create pre-chat forms, customize widgets, and add fellow collaborators to enhance user experience. Additionally, AI Assistant capabilities enable businesses to handle high-volume queries and ensure quick resolutions, while reports and analysis provide insightful data for a deeper understanding of customer behavior.

Experience the future of support with Hoory, starting from just $6 per agent. Upgrade to AI Conversations That Truly Connect and transform your support operations with Hoory’s game-changing features and AI superpowers. Experience the magic of AI and unlock the full potential of automated support processes with Hoory.

hoory – Features

Omni-Channel Inbox
Workflow Management with Automation
Macros for personalized action sequences
Collaboration tools for team communication
Website Channel with customizable widget
AI Assistant for handling high-volume queries
Reports for customer behavior analysis

hoory – Pricing

hoory offers four pricing plans: Personal for $6 per user/month, Startup for $16 per agent/month, Team for $26 per agent/month, and Business for $42 per agent/month. Each plan includes various features such as shared inboxes, AI assistants, and contact management.

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