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Hypotenuse: Ai content writer tailored to your brand


Hypotenuse is an AI Content Writer revolutionizing the way businesses create content. With a focus on authenticity, SEO optimization, and brand voice, Hypotenuse allows you to write content that truly sounds like you.

From blog articles to social media posts and product descriptions, Hypotenuse offers over 20 different content types catered specifically to help you rank higher on search engines without the hours of research and writing typically required.

SEO Teams can benefit from SEO-optimized articles, outlines from SERP & PAA results, automatic internal linking, and researched facts trained for readability. Ecommerce Brands can improve conversions with product content that captures their brand, with features like bulk content creation, automatic SEO optimization, and enriched product data.

Enterprise-Grade businesses can create on-brand content at scale with peace of mind, thanks to data privacy and security measures, bespoke AI models, bulk workflows, and team collaboration capabilities.

Hypotenuse focuses on high-quality content and bespoke experiences by capturing your brand voice, company knowledge, factual research, and plagiarism checking. Its AI is trained to sound natural, encompassing the nuances and specifics of your brand’s unique style.

Furthermore, Hypotenuse offers integrations and APIs for content creation at scale, bulk generation tools, features for SEO and conversion optimization, paid ads & social media copywriting, as well as options for rewriting, summarizing, and brainstorming.

By taking existing on-brand content and knowledge to train an AI in your brand voice, Hypotenuse ensures that your content meets the same standard and reflects your unique style. With the ability to launch in as little as 3 weeks, Hypotenuse empowers businesses to unlock the power of generative AI and elevate their content creation strategies.

Hypotenuse – Features

AI Content Writer that creates blog articles, product descriptions, social media ads, and 20+ other content types
SEO Teams feature for SEO-optimized articles, outlines from SERP & PAA results, automatic internal linking, and researched facts
Ecommerce Brands feature for bulk content creation, integrations with PIMs, automatic SEO optimization, and enriched product data
Enterprise-Grade feature for on-brand content creation at scale with data privacy, bespoke AI models, bulk workflows, and team collaboration
Brand Voice customization to train AI to mimic your writing style and capture brand-specific nuances
Company Knowledge feature to train AI on your company information and product data
Factual Research to inject up-to-date information and relevance into content
Plagiarism Checking to ensure unique content and avoid penalties.

Hypotenuse – Pricing

Hypotenuse offers Individual plan for $29/month (50,000 words), Teams plan for $59/month (120,000 words), and Enterprise plan with custom pricing. Features include AI writer, HypoDoc uploads, templates, chat support, and more. Free trials available with no credit card required.

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