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iMocha: Revolutionize your workforce with skills-first strategy


iMocha is an innovative business tool that leverages AI technology to help organizations transform into skills-first entities. By gaining a deeper understanding of their workforce’s current skills and anticipating future requirements, iMocha enables businesses to address skill gaps effectively.

With over 200 taxonomies covering multiple industries in granular detail, iMocha provides insights into 1,500+ job profiles mapped with accurate skills ontology. The platform boasts a library of over 2,500 skills assessments, making it the world’s largest repository for assessing and validating skills.

iMocha’s skills-first approach allows businesses to make skills their competitive advantage by recruiting job-fit candidates, developing employees’ skills, and redeploying individuals to critical projects. The platform’s AI-powered technology provides intelligent insights into an organization’s skills landscape, enabling informed decision-making.

With features such as world-class taxonomy, multi-channel validation, and integration with HCM systems, iMocha offers a comprehensive solution for organizations looking to prioritize skills development and management. By utilizing the platform’s AI-powered Skills Intelligence Cloud, businesses can stay ahead of the curve and ensure their workforce is equipped with the right skills for the future.

iMocha – Features

Skill-gap Analysis
Skills Matching
Skills Benchmarking
Skills Inventory
Up-to-date Skills Inventory
Accelerated Hiring with a Skills-first Approach
Remote Hiring
Career Planning and Development

iMocha – Pricing

Available upon request, free trial.

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