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intelliHR: Empowering leaders to create a better work life


IntelliHR is a comprehensive HR platform that aims to empower business leaders to make more intelligent people decisions. With a focus on creating a better work life for employees, teams, and the overall organisation, this tool offers various features to optimize workflow automation, talent retention, employee engagement, and leading people analytics.

One of the key highlights of IntelliHR is its workflow automation capability. Built by HR specialists, the platform is designed to help cultivate a productive work-life culture within the organization. By streamlining and automating various HR processes, businesses can save time and resources, allowing HR teams to focus on more strategic initiatives.

Additionally, IntelliHR provides valuable insights into an organization’s workforce through data-driven decision-making. By diving deeper into these insights, business leaders can gain a better understanding of their employees, which can help in talent retention efforts. This data-driven approach to HR not only allows companies to identify potential areas of improvement but also helps in making informed decisions to enhance the overall employee experience.

Moreover, IntelliHR can seamlessly integrate with existing workplace technology or be built into a new HR ecosystem. This ensures that businesses can leverage their existing tools and systems while benefiting from the features and capabilities of IntelliHR. This flexibility allows for a more efficient and streamlined HR process.

The platform is specifically designed for people managers, leaders, and employees, making it easy to use for all stakeholders. IntelliHR aims to free these individuals from the complexities of HR management, enabling them to focus on their core responsibilities.

IntelliHR is ideal for progressive business leaders who prioritize workforce wellbeing and culture as essential components of their business strategy. They understand that having happy and high-performing teams is key to success. With its specialized people platform, IntelliHR offers a best-in-class solution to address the complex challenges faced by growing organizations.

intelliHR – Features

Workflow automation
Talent retention
Employee engagement
Leading people analytics

intelliHR – Pricing

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