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Intuit unveils AI-driven QuickBooks online advanced for Aussie SMEs


Intuit QuickBooks, a big finance company, just launched a new version of QuickBooks Online for small to medium-sized businesses in Australia.

This updated version uses smart computer technology to give helpful advice and tips to growing companies. It helps them manage their business better.

QuickBooks Online Advanced boasts all the features of Intuit’s most popular small business software solution, QuickBooks Online Plus, as well as enhanced services to make it the perfect fit for growing business owners. A few key features include:

Automated workflows: Invoices can be sent through pre-set approval flows before they’re sent. Reminders and approvals can be set for transactions like invoices, payments, or deposits, dependent on individual requirements 

Custom roles and permissions: Access to sensitive information can be restricted and information to transactions such as deposits, sales, expenses, inventory or reports can be customised 

Automatic backup and restore: Data is frequently backed up and stored securely, allowing the user to easily restore books to a previous point in time, providing peace of mind.

Additional product capabilities will be added to the platform in the near future — giving users even more great benefits to anticipate including features to increase administrative efficiencies, enhance reporting and benchmarking, and ease expense management.  

QuickBooks Online offers a comprehensive suite of accounting software features tailored to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes. With its user-friendly interface and robust functionality, QuickBooks Online empowers businesses to efficiently manage their finances. From professional invoicing to meticulous expense tracking and adept cash flow management, QuickBooks Online provides the tools necessary for streamlined financial operations.

Additionally, QuickBooks Live Bookkeeper service provides users with direct access to experienced accountants whenever expert assistance is required. Whether you’re navigating complex financial matters or seeking guidance on optimizing your accounting processes, QuickBooks Live Bookkeeper ensures that professional support is readily available.

“QuickBooks Online Advanced provides an advantage for growing and more complex businesses at an attractive price point, filling a gap not yet met in the market,” says Damien Greathead, Accounting and Advisor Group Lead at Intuit QuickBooks Australia. 

“We’ve expanded our platform capabilities to serve customers who are self-employed all the way through to those with larger workforces and a high volume of transactions. As these businesses grow, many are faced with the lack of an affordable solution and often adopt software that is both expensive and too complex for their needs. QuickBooks Online Advanced addresses that void to help power their prosperity.”

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