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Jasper: The ultimate AI copilot for marketing teams


Jasper is not just a tool for faster marketing outputs, but a comprehensive AI copilot designed to improve outcomes for enterprise marketing teams. With a focus on company knowledge, team acceleration, AI-assisted content, analytics, and insights, Jasper offers a wide range of features to enhance marketing strategies.

One of the key features of Jasper is its ability to serve as a central nervous system for all content, ensuring that brand and product positioning, company strategy, and voice and style guides are all integrated seamlessly. This helps marketing teams stay on message and maintain a consistent brand voice across all communications.

Team acceleration is another significant aspect of Jasper, as it streamlines project management, content creation, repackaging, review, and optimization processes. By automating tasks and reducing miscommunications, Jasper enables marketing teams to work more efficiently and effectively.

Jasper also facilitates the transition from idea to execution by providing on-brand AI assistance, simplifying campaign development, and helping to create visually appealing supporting imagery. By offering actionable insights, one-click optimization, and direct publishing capabilities, Jasper helps marketing teams achieve higher performing results.

Moreover, Jasper is built on an enterprise-strong foundation, with interoperability across the latest models, multimodality for text and images, and top-notch security and data privacy measures. This ensures that marketing teams can trust Jasper to deliver reliable and effective support.

With Jasper Everywhere, users can access the tool wherever they work through key integrations, browser extensions, and a robust API. This flexibility allows marketing teams to seamlessly incorporate Jasper into their existing tech stack for a more streamlined workflow.

Overall, Jasper is a powerful AI copilot that offers a comprehensive set of features to help enterprise marketing teams improve their outcomes and achieve success in their marketing efforts.

Jasper – Features

AI Copilot for Company Knowledge
Brand Voice & Style Guide
Accelerated Project Management
AI-Assisted Content Creation & Optimization
Actionable Insights for Campaigns
Jasper Platform with Security & Privacy features
Enterprise Control for team management
Jasper Everywhere for on-brand AI access

Jasper – Pricing

Jasper offers three pricing plans: Creator at $39 per month, Pro at $59 per month, and Business with tailored features and pricing. Save ~20% with yearly billing. Plans include AI features, collaboration tools, and add-ons for team spaces, performance analytics, and enterprise-grade security. Contact Sales for custom solutions.

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