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Job skills to shift 65% by 2030 due to AI-driven workplace changes

The global job landscape is undergoing a seismic shift, with a staggering 2.2 times increase in job postings related to AI or generative AI over the past two years.

LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network, forecasts that the skills required for jobs worldwide are set to transform by a substantial 65% by 2030, driven by the rapid advancements in artificial intelligence. This wave of change is reshaping the very foundations of the workforce.

The job landscape is evolving rapidly, with a notable surge in global job postings mentioning AI or Generative AI, which have more than doubled (2.2x) over the past two years. LinkedIn’s latest Global Talent Trends Report reveals that in Australia, job posts referencing AI or Gen AI have seen a remarkable 1.9x growth in applications compared to those that don’t include these terms.

LinkedIn’s research also highlights the enthusiasm of Australian professionals for AI adoption in the workplace, with 84% expressing excitement about its use, and 49% eagerly anticipating AI’s role in career advice and 54% in handling challenging work situations.

As organisations brace for these impending changes, business leaders are turning to HR and recruitment teams to spearhead the transformation. A significant 88% of talent professionals in Australia attest that their roles have become more strategic in the past year, particularly in talent acquisition. AI is poised to play a pivotal role, relieving HR teams of operational burdens and enabling them to focus on strategic, human-centric aspects of their roles. In fact, 29% of HR professionals believe AI will serve as a valuable tool in the next five years, facilitating deeper candidate relationships and fostering creative and strategic work.

Adam Gregory, Senior Director, ANZ, LinkedIn Talent and Learning Solutions, underscores the seismic shift in required skills for roles, with a staggering 27% change in Australia and a projected global shift of at least 65% by 2030. AI’s integration into the workplace is the driving force behind this transformation.

LinkedIn is actively supporting this workforce evolution with innovative AI-driven solutions. “Recruiter 2024” is LinkedIn’s cutting-edge AI-assisted recruiting experience, streamlining the hiring process and freeing up talent leaders to focus on strategic, people-centric endeavours. The platform leverages natural language search prompts and AI models to provide higher-quality candidate recommendations from an extensive talent pool.

LinkedIn Learning introduces AI-powered coaching, offering real-time, personalised advice and tailored content recommendations based on learners’ job titles, career goals, and skills. Additionally, LinkedIn Learning is offering popular AI courses for free until December 15, 2023, to cater to those interested in AI education.

LinkedIn is also piloting new generative AI tools, such as AI-assisted job descriptions and AI-assisted messages, enhancing personalization and engagement in recruiting processes. These tools are poised to revolutionize the world of work, empowering professionals to navigate and thrive in an AI-driven future.

More information on LinkedIn’s new hiring and learning products can be found here.  

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