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Latch: Revolutionizing legal contracting with AI technology


Latch is a cutting-edge business tool designed to revolutionize the way legal teams negotiate agreements. By leveraging generative AI technology, Latch streamlines the contracting process to save time, effort, and cost for its users.

One of the key features of Latch is its integration directly within Microsoft Word, making it incredibly easy to use with minimal implementation required. Users can quickly review contracts, analyze key risks, and generate simple, plain-language checklists for various situations. Latch also provides instant explanations on whether requirements have been met, along with source references, and allows users to ask free-form questions about their contracts.

With Latch, legal teams can modify contract language by generating new redline language that incorporates their legal positions while preserving the counterparty’s language as much as possible. Additionally, users can generate compromise language from the Clause Library and modify language with custom instructions, with all suggestions inserted directly into the document in track changes.

Latch also offers the ability to generate instant summaries of agreements, providing options for different summary generation styles and allowing users to add custom instructions for their summaries. The tool supports long documents with hundreds of pages, making it scalable for various contract sizes.

By using Latch’s contracting AI, legal teams can close contracts faster and prevent bottlenecks in the contracting process for quicker time-to-close. Powered by GPT-4, Latch boasts high scores in test simulations, making it a reliable and efficient tool for legal professionals. Integrated seamlessly into Microsoft Word, Latch offers a convenient and effective solution for improving contracting efficiency.

Latch – Features

AI contracting assistant
Review contracts and analyze key risks
Generate redline language and compromise language
Summarize agreements
Improve efficiency and close contracts faster
Prevent bottlenecks in contracting processes
Scalable AI for long documents
Integrated into Microsoft Word for easy use

Latch – Pricing

Available upon request, free demo.

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