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Leena: Revolutionizing work efficiency with intelligent automation


Leena AI is a cutting-edge virtual assistant designed to transform the way employees work, powered by WorkLM™ technology. This advanced tool streamlines knowledge management, takes actions across various systems, and provides intelligent analytics to enhance productivity and efficiency in the workplace.

With Leena AI’s work assistant, enterprises can have instant access to information scattered across multiple platforms and systems, empowering teams to thrive in today’s fast-paced, data-driven environment. By uncovering data-driven insights and patterns, organizations can make informed decisions to drive strategic initiatives, improve operations, and achieve better business outcomes.

The work assistant simplifies work processes, boosts productivity, and automates routine tasks through seamless integrations across the enterprise. It allows for the automation of HR tasks, enhances employee engagement, and streamlines HR processes with AI-powered solutions.

Leena AI’s Generative AI technology modernizes the workplace by empowering employees to help themselves, supercharging team productivity, and providing complete control over conversations with zero learning curve. Additionally, the tool enables businesses to boost IT efficiency by leveraging intelligent automation and virtual assistant capabilities to optimize operations, remove repetitive IT queries, accelerate ticket lifecycles, and build self-healing infrastructures.

Furthermore, Leena AI drives sales success by empowering sales teams with AI-powered insights, automated CRM updates, personalized customer experiences, and automated follow-ups for increased revenue. The tool also allows for the collection and leverage of sales insights for marketing success.

With its seamless integrations for enhanced functionality and a multi-faceted approach to security and compliance, Leena AI is a comprehensive solution for organizations looking to revolutionize how they work, streamline processes, empower employees, and drive success across HR, IT, and sales departments.

Leena AI – Features

Cost Optimization
Digital Transformation
HR Service Delivery
IT Support Automation
Knowledge Management
Employee Engagement
People Science
Employee Onboarding
Workflow Automation

Leena AI – Pricing

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