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LinkSquares: Transform your legal team with AI-powered efficiency


LinkSquares is a powerful legal technology platform designed to unlock the full potential of in-house legal teams. This all-in-one platform is powered by AI, streamlining contract management and legal project management to help businesses move forward faster. LinkSquares Cloud, the purpose-built platform, connects every aspect of the business, making it easier to manage contracts and legal tasks efficiently.

With customizable templates and dynamic workflows, users can quickly craft, review, and approve agreements, saving time and reducing manual processes. LinkSquares also offers real-time visibility for contract execution and data extraction, helping to reduce risk, boost revenue, and provide valuable AI-powered insights into every contract.

In addition to contract management, LinkSquares allows users to receive, track, and manage all legal tasks in one place, making it easier to stay organized and focused. The platform enables in-house legal teams to become strategic business partners, providing the tools and technology needed to deliver results and showcase their impact on the business.

LinkSquares’ end-to-end CLM and legal project management solutions offer a comprehensive view of contract requests, related documents, and agreement approvals in one place, simplifying workflows and increasing visibility across the business. By leveraging pre-built integrations and an API, teams can work in the tools they already love, accelerating processes and ensuring seamless collaboration.

Moreover, LinkSquares provides robust metrics that showcase the legal team’s impact on the business, identify potential risks, and plan for future growth. Unlike other solutions that rely on third-party AI models, LinkSquares AI is built in-house specifically for legal teams, making legal tasks faster and easier.

Overall, LinkSquares offers a comprehensive and innovative solution for in-house legal teams looking to maximize their efficiency, streamline processes, and showcase their impact on the business. With its AI-powered platform and end-to-end CLM capabilities, LinkSquares is a valuable tool for businesses looking to improve their legal operations.

LinkSquares – Features

Streamline contract management with all-in-one CLM and legal project management platform
Craft, review, and approve agreements using customizable templates and dynamic workflows
Set up documents and execute contracts with real-time visibility
Extract data, reduce risk, boost revenue, and gain AI-powered insights into every contract
Manage legal tasks in one place and save time
View contract requests, review related documents, and approve agreements in one platform
Accelerate workflows with pre-built integrations and API
Use in-house AI built exclusively for legal teams to make tasks faster and easier

LinkSquares – Pricing

Available upon request, free demo.

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