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LinkWhisper: Simplifying internal linking for SEO success


LinkWhisper is a revolutionary internal linking tool designed to help business managers optimize their website’s SEO performance and improve their rankings on Google. Powered by artificial intelligence, LinkWhisper offers automatic link suggestions as you write articles within the WordPress editor. By analyzing the existing content on your site, LinkWhisper can suggest dozens of internal links that can be easily implemented with just a simple click.

One of the key features of LinkWhisper is its ability to identify and build internal links to old posts that may be lacking sufficient internal linking. Users can quickly find pages with minimal internal links and easily add new internal links to improve the overall site structure.

Additionally, LinkWhisper offers an “Auto-Linking” feature that allows users to specify keywords and URLs for automatic link building. This feature can help users build internal links faster and further optimize their site for SEO.

With in-depth link reporting, users can gain a comprehensive understanding of their site’s internal and external links, as well as identify any broken links that need to be fixed. LinkWhisper also offers the ability to add target SEO keywords for better internal linking suggestions and can even pull in traffic data from Google Search Console to further optimize internal link strategies.

Overall, LinkWhisper is a fast, smart, and easy-to-use tool that can help business managers improve their website’s rankings, internal link structure, and overall SEO performance. With continuous link suggestions and compatibility with various editors and themes, LinkWhisper is a valuable tool for businesses looking to enhance their online presence and drive more organic traffic to their site.

LinkWhispe – Features

Automatic link suggestions as you write
Quickly find and build internal links to old posts
Automatic links from keywords of your choice
Internal links reporting for site optimization
Fix broken links easily
Add target keywords for better internal links
Get traffic data from Google Search Console
Internal link suggestions for multiple sites owned.

LinkWhispe – Pricing

LinkWhisper offers pricing plans starting from $77 for a 1 site license, $117 for a 3 site license, and $167 for a 10 site license. All plans include Smart Internal Links and Full Internal Links Reporting, billed annually until cancelled.

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