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Localsearch expands, Sydney SMEs to benefit from AI-Powered marketing


Localsearch has unveiled plans for a nationwide expansion aimed at fortifying support and fostering growth for small businesses (SMBs) across Australia.

The decision to expand comes on the heels of a notable 28% uptick in demand from interstate small businesses. These enterprises are turning to Localsearch for assistance in various areas, such as website development, enhancing search engine visibility, and navigating the ever-changing digital terrain to attract business leads and expand their customer base. Localsearch is on a rapid growth trajectory by focusing on expanding its current customer base interstate, while also prioritising customer retention. Over the past 12 months, it has recorded a retention rate of 99.05%, with longer-term data showing customers remain loyal for six years on average.

The direction to scale reflects the company’s dedication to providing visibility and digital marketing solutions on a broader scale, in response to a growing SMB market. Localsearch, in conjunction with its expansion, is proud to unveil its latest innovation, ‘Performance Boost,’ a cutting-edge tech-stack with AI capabilities. This solution integrates Google AI and Meta Advantage+, enabling businesses to leverage 10 key advertising channels, including YouTube, Google Maps, and Instagram.cPerformance Boost redefines digital marketing for small businesses, providing an affordable, all-encompassing suite of solutions to boost brand visibility and drive web traffic.

Priced competitively between $500 and $2,000, the platform intelligently allocates budgets across channels for optimal performance. Localsearch’s extensive customer base of 28,000 can access the power of Performance Boost 2 on the same day as their initial consultation. Performance Boost was initially rolled out in a Beta model in December 2023, achieving 3.71 million impressions, 55,400 clicks driving 19,093 interactions for Localsearch’s clients at an average cost of $1.14 per interaction.

Adam Boote, Director of Growth at Localsearch, highlighted the significance of Localsearch’s expansion, stating, “This announcement marks a pivotal moment for Localsearch, demonstrating our commitment to empowering small businesses across Australia. Through our innovative technology and AI integration, we enable seamless customer engagement via the Localsearch for business app. Despite broader economic challenges for many SMBs, we’re proud to expand our footprint and services to support businesses not just to survive, but thrive. Our dedication to adaptability and innovation reflects our support for small businesses on their journey to success.”

Keri Alexander, Owner of A Better Way Funerals and Localsearch customer based in Sydney, commented: “Localsearch has been a game-changer for my business. In just a few months, they’ve lifted the burden of managing our online presence, allowing me to focus on what I do best – running my business. Despite competing with larger brands in Sydney, Localsearch’s dedicated team has provided us with top-notch services, tailored to our needs and understanding what truly matters to our customers. Since our website went live, we’ve seen a remarkable 124% increase in inbound requests from new customers. It’s truly been a transformative experience.”

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