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Mage: Revolutionizing data integration and transformation


Mage is a powerful open-source data pipeline tool designed to simplify the process of transforming and integrating data without the complexities typically associated with data plumbing. Described as the modern replacement for Airflow, Mage aims to give data teams magical powers by effortlessly integrating and synchronizing data from third-party sources.

One of the key features of Mage is its ability to build both real-time and batch pipelines to transform data using Python, SQL, and R. This flexibility allows developers to write code in their language of choice within the same data pipeline, ensuring ultimate flexibility in data transformation.

The tool also prides itself on its easy developer experience, making it enjoyable for developers to build pipelines. With the ability to start developing locally with a single command or launch a development environment in the cloud using Terraform, Mage streamlines the development process.

Additionally, Mage offers interactive code capabilities, allowing developers to immediately see results from their code’s output with an interactive notebook UI. Data is treated as a first-class citizen within Mage, with each block of code in the pipeline producing data that can be versioned, partitioned, and catalogued for future use.

For those looking to scale up and manage thousands of pipelines without requiring a large team dedicated to Airflow, Mage is the answer. Deploying Mage to popular cloud platforms like AWS, GCP, Azure, or DigitalOcean is made simple with only two commands using maintained Terraform templates. Scaling is also made simple, with the ability to transform very large datasets directly in your data warehouse or through a native integration with Spark.

Operationalizing pipelines with Mage is seamless, as the tool comes fully-equipped with built-in monitoring, alerting, and observability features through an intuitive UI. With all of these features and more, Mage offers a comprehensive solution for data teams looking to streamline their data pipeline processes and unlock the full potential of their data.

Mage – Features

Effortlessly integrate and synchronize data from 3rd party sources
Build real-time and batch pipelines using Python, SQL, and R
Run, monitor, and orchestrate thousands of pipelines easily
Easy developer experience with local development and cloud environment options
Write code in Python, SQL, and R for ultimate flexibility
Engineering best practices built-in for reusable and testable code
Instant feedback with interactive code and data previewing options

Mage – Pricing

Available upon request, Free trial.

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