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Make: Revolutionize workflows with no-code automation builder


Make is a powerful visual platform that allows users to build and automate tasks, workflows, apps, and systems without the need for coding. Unlike traditional no-code integration and automation platforms, Make offers a more intuitive and versatile approach to creating workflows, with endless possibilities limited only by the user’s imagination.

With Make, users can boost productivity across all areas of their business, without having to rely on developer resources. The platform is designed to cater to various teams within an organization, from marketing and sales to operations, IT, HR, and more.

In the marketing department, Make can help drive high-quality leads and increase inbound revenue through effective lead generation. Sales teams can close deals faster with automated lead routing and contract management. Operations teams can unify systems and share data across all tools to prevent errors and data loss. IT departments can avoid security breaches and minimize disruptions by quickly identifying incidents. HR departments can provide a seamless onboarding experience and place skilled candidates faster.

With Make, users can easily automate their work by dragging and dropping apps to create new workflows or improve existing processes. The platform also offers thousands of free workflow automation templates to help users get started and customize workflows to meet their specific needs.

In summary, Make is a versatile and user-friendly business tool that empowers organizations to automate tasks and workflows seamlessly across all departments, improving productivity and efficiency. Whether you’re looking to streamline marketing campaigns, optimize sales processes, enhance operational efficiency, or improve HR practices, Make offers unlimited possibilities for all.

Make – Features

Build and automate tasks and workflows visually
Allows for unlimited possibilities for all
Boost productivity across all areas or teams
Marketing: drive high-quality leads and revenue
Sales: close deals faster with automated lead routing
Operations: unify systems and share data to prevent errors
IT: avoid security breaches and minimize disruptions
HR: provide seamless onboarding experience and place skilled candidates faster

Make – Pricing

Free plan includes 1,000 Ops/month with no-code visual workflow builder. Core plan at $9/month offers unlimited active scenarios. Pro plan at $16/month includes custom variables. Teams plan at $29/month allows multiple users and permissions. Enterprise plan offers enhanced security, support, and advanced features.

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