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Modular: Transforming AI infrastructure for maximum performance


Modular is a cutting-edge business tool that aims to enhance the AI development process by providing a highly programmable, performant, and portable platform. Developed by a team of AI experts who have worked on renowned technologies such as TensorFlow, PyTorch, and ONNX, Modular promises unparalleled performance and cost savings for AI pipelines.

The platform is built on Mojo, a programming language that combines the usability of Python, the safety of Rust, and the performance of C. This allows AI engineers to fully exploit the potential of AI hardware and optimize their pipelines without the need for extensive rewrites. With a next-generation compiler, Modular unlocks state-of-the-art performance for AI models, enabling users to extend and optimize their pipelines seamlessly.

One of the key features of Modular is its seamless portability, allowing users to move their models and AI pipelines to any hardware target without vendor lock-in. By maximizing performance to cost ratio, users can avoid being tied to specific hardware vendors and explore different hardware options for their AI projects.

The platform also offers an integrated AI developer experience, providing tools and libraries like Mojo, MAX Engine, and MAX Serving to deploy low-latency, high-throughput AI inference pipelines into production. Users can quickly get started with Modular by replacing their TensorFlow, PyTorch, or ONNX inference calls with MAX Engine, resulting in up to 5x faster execution across various CPU architectures.

Modular’s unique approach to AI infrastructure focuses on rebuilding the AI software stack from the ground up, ensuring that the technology meets users where they are without requiring extensive rewrites or complex converters. With a commitment to simplicity and efficiency, Modular is poised to accelerate the pace of AI development and enable the next wave of AI innovation.

modular – Features

Programmable, performant & portable
Unparalleled performance
Seamless portability
Unparalleled latency & cost savings
Integrated AI developer experience
Incredibly easy to get started
Full stack optimization on MAX
Built by world’s AI experts

modular – Pricing

The MAX Platform Enterprise Edition pricing plans include getting the platform deployed inside your cloud, a live demo tailored to your specific use cases, efficiency improvements with just 3 lines of code changes, and dedicated support from the AI infrastructure team. A free MAX Developer Edition trial is also available.

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